Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rainy Day Outfit

I have noticed that despite the flu shots and daily vitamins, kids are still prone to catching viruses especially during rainy season (just kidding when I said that she gets sick when daddy leaves, it's just a coincidence of course). One time it was really raining when we went to school. My inlaws dropped us just a few feet away from the school. Gabbie had her own umbrella but still she got wet. The next day she already had colds.

Last Friday, it was also raining when the class was dismissed. But we had to go to SM Marikina to do some errands. I think she got wet again from the rainshower because the following morning, she was coughing and there was already some signs of colds, and fever.

So we decided to get her a raincoat that she can use during rainy school days instead of umbrella. I'm thinking also of getting her a pair of rain boots to complete her rainy season outfit.

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