Monday, May 31, 2010

Funny Flowergirl


Last Saturday during Tita Lheng's wedding, Gabbie showed again her entertaining skills while waiting for the reception program to start. After posing and smiling in front of daddy's cam, she went to her lolas and made funny faces.

More Lheng and Ariel's wedding photos here and Gabbie's own moments in the wedding here.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dinner & Playtime With Shabi


We had our dinner at Fish & Co. yesterday in Greenbelt with my ex-officemates. Gabbie had a playmate named Shabi- they are almost the same age (Gabbie is only 12 days older than Shabi) and as expected, there were lots of running and playing. At first they were shy, of course. But after a couple of minutes, they were out running from Starbucks to Coffee Beans without looking back. Cutie kids... they both loved playing by the fountain.

Thanks to Gadi for the photos. I was soooo in a hurry I forgot to bring my cam. :)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

High heels, anyone? :)


Gabbie will be on (a little) high heels for the first time on Saturday for Tita Lheng's wedding. I really hope she'd have no problems walking down the aisle. Practice practice s'ya today para sure...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Best P99 Dinner


Yesterday we went to SM Marikina to pay some bills and because it was really hot at home. We also did shopping for more summer shirts and an accessory to complete my outfit for Lheng's wedding. After about two hours of strolling and playing, Gabbie asked for "foodie". Since it was almost 7PM, we went instead to Pizza Hut to have our dinner. It didn't take long for me to decide what to order, because I know by heart that Gabbie prefers chicken over anything. So we ordered for an appetizer salad, roast chicken with rice and a glass of iced tea- all for only 99 Pesos!

Gabbie still has cough, but I was glad that her appetite was going back to normal. She finished the rice and chicken, while I satisfied myself with the Caesar Salad.

It may be cheap, but it was indeed one of the best dinners we've ever had.

(Poor chicken, Gabbie didn't let it go until there's no more meat to eat.)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gabbie on bike


Gabbie learned to ride her bike in just a couple of days. It helped that she practiced with the bikes displayed in some toy stores in malls with Daddy. Our next step is to find her the necessary safety gears.


Swimming Party


Despite the big S due to cough and colds, Gabbie undoubtedly enjoyed Sofia's 1st birthday party yesterday at Shanghai Garden Resort in BF Homes. She took a nap in the cab, and it kinda prepared her for the fun awaiting in the pool party.

She was so excited that she didn't wait for me to finish eating. When she saw the kids playing games, she grabbed our bag, put on her sunblock and changed into her swimsuit. I intentionally didn't remove her diaper yet to prevent wiwi accidents. Just like any normal kids meeting people for the first time, she first sat in a corner and observed.

After a cupcake and a picture with mommy, she looked like she was in party mood already.

So she joined the kids in the limbo rock...

and another game but I don't remember what it is called...

and got some prizes kahit obviously panggulo lang sya dun. Haha!

Then joined in wishing Sofia a happy birthday.

At nakiagaw sa Pinata and Balloon Burst.

And finally, it's swimming time!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day


First of all, from the bottom of my heart, THANKS to all who greeted me on this special day for all the mothers in the world. I may not be the perfect mother for Gabbie but I believe I'm raising a God-fearing, obedient, loving and respectful individual to the best of my abilities.

Last Sunday, we sent off Nanay (I know she tried everything to raise us the best way possible- Happy Mother's Day again Nay!), Tatay and Gabbie's cousins back to Angeles, Pampanga. Then we went to Megamall for Mike's yearly shopping spree. But the line to the parking was unbearable. We went to Shangrila instead and had sizzling chicken and pork chops for lunch. There was also a Fire Sale (first time I've heard of it) in Rustan's and we got Gabbie a gorgeous swimsuit for only P170- great find di ba?

Then we went to SM Marikina (mall hopping!) to have her gown repaired. She's a flowergirl of Tita Lheng on her wedding on May 29. We had our dinner in Mcdo because she requested for Mcdo chicken and bread. But ironically, she was more excited to pose and have her photo taken beside Jollibee.


Friday, May 07, 2010

It's Daddy's turn!


Gabbie's daddy turns 34 on May 8. Though we didn't plan of anything because there's something that we need to attend to, we can not let this special day pass without preparing something we hope he will really like. This is just a collection of some of his photos I grabbed from his friendster account. I inserted music and converted it into a short video.

Happy birthday daddy! We wish you many more birthdays to come. You're the best! Babyu much!


Monday, May 03, 2010

Manila Ocean Park


I just turned 33! But instead of celebrating my birthday with a party or an out-of-town trip, we decided to just go to Manila Ocean Park.

The trip to MOP from our place took about two hours. Gabbie and I slept in the car. When we got there, we took a few bites of hotdog sandwich before we lined up for the ticket. It was hot despite the aircon. I was sweating the whole time. Our expectation of the place was not met. We wanted more, but apparently... yun na yun- haha!

We had fun though- with Gabbie around, there will never be dull moments. She was hesitant at first. Maybe she was overwhelmed by the big creatures swimming around. But when she got hold of the camera, she wouldn't stop taking photos.

Moments like this are priceless. All I wanted was to be with them on my birthday. We capped the day with a dinner at Yellow Cab, and another set of goodnight kisses and "happy birthday mommy, babyu much" from my "mag-daddy".


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Whose Birthday Is It?


It's my birthday but look who's got a gift!

As for me, well, the look on her face when she saw this little surprise when she woke up was priceless. That alone already made my day complete :)