Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Swimming Lessons

Abby enrolled in a summer swimming class and this is what she has learned so far after a week of basic lessons (breathing and kicking).

Starting juices and solids!

On her 5th month check up, we were given a go signal by her pedia to give her freshly squeezed juice already. An ounce of it and another ounce of drinking water, daily.

Few days from now, when she turns exactly six months, we can already give her cereals to replace one (milk) feeding. Happy much Rafa!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drooling over pizza!

From the looks of it, she is almost ready to eat solids. Happy 5th month Rafa! :)

Summer Look

Enjoying the summer, at least in hairstyle.

For the longest time, she wouldn't allow me to have her hair cut because she wanted to be like Rapunzel- ever! I even posted in FB that I'd give a reward to anyone who can convince her to cut it. But this summer I plan to enrol her to a swimming lesson. This is the only reason acceptable to her and when she learned about it, right then we went to Ate Ganda (hair stylist) to get a haircut.