Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conversations with Gabbie

While eating:
Me: Eat your rice with sabaw na Abby.
Gabbie: Are you just going to eat the fish? Baby Rafa likes fish?
Me: Hmm maybe. Yes.
Gabbie: How can Baby Rafa eat it?
Me: Hmm I'll...
Gabbie: First you have to put the fish up in your mouth. Then it will go to your neck and then down to your tummy and then Baby Rafa can eat it.

Very good! :)

Before brushing teeth:
Gabbie: Mommy, Axel talk like this (hides her teeth with her lips and speaks in a ngongo sound) "Hello Abby!"
Me: Why?
Gabbie: Because he has no more teeth.
Me: Why?
Gabbie: Because the germs eat his teeth.
Me: Why?
Gabbie: Because he's not brushing his teeth.

At least she knows and now we won't have to drag her to the CR before bedtime to brush her teeth.

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