Monday, February 15, 2010

The Beauty of a Telephoto Lens

... you can photograph people from afar, without them knowing. the last photo is my favorite. :)

Hot Air Balloon Experience

This was how we celebrated this year's Valentine's Day. We left Manila around 4AM and arrived at Clark Field a little past 6. Some hot air balloons have been inflated already, some were already starting to go up. The first balloon that Gabbie recognized was the SUN.

but I liked the Turtle the best.

There's also the Barn

and the others...

But Gabbie was scared of them all

all the time she was just clinging to mommy or daddy

until something else caught her attention

and fell asleep

more pictures here:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

dreamy effect...


Gabbie has been showing some signs of kaartehan nowadays. One of them is calling me "mom". I don't know how she got it or where she heard it, I just heard her say one time "Mom, dede in the bag please..." And then followed by "Babyu mom" meaning "i love you mom".