Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Party Kwento:)

Since her birthday January 12 falls on a weekday this year (and the next 2 or 3 to come), we decided to celebrate it  last January 15, Saturday.

The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse. It was just a small party (compared with the past years) but Gabbie's close friends, relatives and godparents were there, making it more meaningful and fun.

Venue/Food/Program: McDonald's SM Marikina- I think their service is OK, although the venue was quite small for 50 adults and 20 kids. I didn't also get the complete party package (actually, food nga lang) because I modified the usual party program and I provided the prizes, giveaways (Marikina Tiangge, National Bookstore, Merriam Bookstore, etc) and instead of their usual games, we had singing, dancing, coloring, a bit of spelling and the highlight- storytelling. Things that Gabbie enjoy doing the most.

This black dress was from Robinsons Dept. Store. Perfect fit. 
Actually I didn't want to buy her a new dress at first, I was thinking of just modifying her red santa dress that she wore during Trick or Treat last year to make it look Mickey-ish. But the manang mananahi was palpak and Mickey costume was ditched because of that.

Lolos, titas and cousins.

Friends Ate Veron and Kuya Miko.

Baby Eunice aka Chacha liit :)

Ninong Olan and Ninang Myles

The lootbags which contain some of Gabbie's favorite snacks.

Kids singing a Happy Birthday song.

Kids danced Nobody- Gabbie's favorite.

Gabbie and some kids sang their favorite songs.

Kuya JM (or Ninong JM as Gabbie calls him) did a very good job in storytelling. Thank you Ninong JM! The kids were all eyes and ears on him and they enjoyed sitting in front like they were in actual class, forgetting that it was a birthday party. Haha. Each kid got a book that he can read at home :)

Gabbie's Tita Aya and Kuya Jun, who were visiting Manila for a family event (they're based in New Jersey).

With Gabbie's Lola, Lolo and Lolo Ninong Rene who came all the way from New York.

Daddies and kids doing the puzzles.

Dana with daddy Joseph.

Mischa with daddy Japhet.

Yana and daddy Erwin won the game. Each team took the puzzle home as the consolation prize.

Coloring game. The first team to finish wins.

Tita Bhe and Ate Bengbeng

Gabbie and daddy!

And the winner is... Kuya Miko! Other teams brought home the coloring books and crayons as their consolation prize.

Photo ops with long time friends Sharon & Mart with my inaanak Shaira and Kuya Maron

More picturan with Gabbie's balikbayan guests.

It's candle blowing time!

And some more pictures.

The Mickey Mouse/Mermaid cake is from Cakes R Us in Megamall. It was customized according to what Gabbie wanted. 5 stars for Cakes R Us!

The party lasted for 2hours. It was fun and I could see that the kids, the parents and everybody else had a great time. Gabbie fell asleep not long after but when we got home and she saw these gifts, she was overwhelmed that she couldn't decide which ones to open and play with first.

Monday, January 24, 2011

And the questioning continues...

"Mommy, do butterflies have face??"

"Yes, anak"

"How about nose?"

"Of course"


"Mommy, what's inside the floor?"

"Uhm, soil."

"What? Soil?"

"Yes po"



"Mommy,  frogs eat??"

"Yes po, with their tongue"

"Not with their mouth?"

"With their mouth po, they catch mosquitoes (she calls flies mosquitoes also) with their tongue"

"Why is (do) the frogs have big tummy?"

"Uhm, maybe they eat a lot of mosquitoes???"

"Ok. Ewww!"


Saturday, January 22, 2011

1.22.11 Music Class Day 2

The theme for the second day was RNB (rhythm and blues). As usual, they danced and danced and sang their own favorite songs. They also played different musical instruments and did stop dance.