Monday, December 03, 2012

Nosefrida Saves the Day!

It's so frustrating and heart breaking for us mommies (and daddies too!) to see our babies struggle to breathe and wake up every hour or so when colds and runny nose strike. With Gabbie, we even went to using pangtutuli to remove the mucus from her nose. Dangerous pero hopeless eh. All of us couldn't sleep.

Now with Rafa, we discovered Nosefrida. I saw it in Tickled Moms online store and when I learned that it's from Europe, I told Mike to get one on his next trip to Germany.

It's easy to use and it's really effective in clearing the nose even without spraying Salinase.

Now we can sleep soundly even when Rafa is having a really terrible runny nose time. And as seen in the pictures, she's a very cooperative patient di ba? Maybe she feels comfortable talaga after. So it must be really effective :)

The sweetest things... wake up to every morning

...and to see after a really tiring day.

Love. In its purest form.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Purple Room

Gabbie said she wanted to have her room painted purple, so she can already sleep in it (why, I didn't ask). So when a carpenter became available to do some repairs in her bedroom (oh it's her and Rafa's bedroom na pala), I told him that we're going to change the color of the damaged (from leaks) wall from the old green-watermelon pink combination to plain purple.

And since she's into reading books already, I made her a reading nook

Yesterday I asked her "Now that your bedroom is already fixed, are you going to sleep in it already?" She said yes but she'll start in December. I told her "Oh, it's already December tomorrow! Are you ready?"

So tonight, being December 1 already, she is sleeping in her own bedroom, for the first time since it was built three years ago. Haha. But she had a condition though. She will be allowed to put stickers on the wall beside her bed and her daddy has to stay with her.

I don't know if I should be happy about this or not (I shouldn't have asked her kasi) because I;m not sure if I'm already prepared or ready for this.She's a big girl now! Siguro if Rafa is not here beside me I'd cry, of feeling like I'm being abandoned by my child maybe? Hahaha. Crazy, crazy me.