Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Whoever invented this, as early as now, thank you. :)

And thanks to Rafa's ninang Macan who sent this all the way from Germany.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Scared No More

These entertainment stuff in malls and parks used to scare Gabbie away. But few weekends ago, I was surprised to hear her ask money from her daddy that she can put in the box in front of this guy so she can see it dance and she can have photo taken beside him.

Bath time fun time

Rafa can now sit on the baby bath tub so it's so easy na for us to bathe her.

She really likes taking a bath. After her morning nap she will nurse from me and play a little. When she gets bored she will cry but when I put her on the tub and splash water on her face, she's all smile na.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A family of Rushers :)

I vote for Rafa (3months) as the youngest Rusher in town :)

Last Saturday was a "hectic" day for us. It was Rafa's check up schedule in the morning at Capitol Medical Center in QC. We had to pick up a bag we sent for repair somewhere in QC also. We were invited to the baptism of my nephew in Sta. Ana Manila. It was also my friend Anna's birthday celebration in their house in Araneta QC.

And then there was the book signing of Chico and Delamar's books in Greenbelt 4 at 2pm onwards. We already missed the book signing last week in NBS Megamall. We arrived a little past 6, the book signing ended 6pm. Galing di ba! Haha. So this time I told Mike we should go, or we will forever regret not going and having our book signed.

After our check-up, we went to Makati, had some snacks in Bubba Gump also in Greenbelt then went back to QC for Anna's birthday dinner.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gabbie's Valentine Artwork in school. Lovely :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Laugh Trip

This is the first time I heard/saw Rafa laugh like this. It's so contagious I can watch it over and over and still laugh like there's no tomorrow too. Haha! Love love love Rafa! :)

Pardon my voice. This was taken very early in the morning. Tha "bata music" that I was talking about is the Strawberry Shortcake song (you're my honey bunch sugar pop...) It was Gabbie who named the song such when she was 2 because she couldn't say the title yet, much more sing the blabberish lyrics. Haha. Kids.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Rafa Rolls Over

I just mentioned earlier that Rafa (at three months today) has started trying to roll over to her side. This afternoon  I put her down so I can clean the bottles. Just as I was about to sterilize the bottles, I noticed that she was already turned to the side but she still kept on moving her feet and hands as if she was reaching for something. I thought she was just trying to reach some buttons in her play gym. I grabbed my camera but I wasn't expecting that she would actually do it. Guess what, she actually did!

Rafa @ 3months!

She has learned how to thumb (and even fist) suck already. But of course we stop her as this can have an effect on tooth eruption or even on her speech later on.

She's trying to roll over to her left.

She laughs like a big kid.

She can be left alone just playing with toys on her own for 30minutes as long as she's full and not sleepy.

She coos and responds when her name is called.

She giggles when she's watching other kids playing.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tagalog vs English

Sinasanay na namin si Gabbie sa Tagalog ngayon pa lang (Nursery sya). Kasi sa Kinder daw meron na silang Filipino subject. Tapos sa Prep, may Sibika na din yata? Hindi sya marunong mag Tagalog nung pumasok sya sa school. Nung Linggo ng Wika nagtula sya ng Tagalog. Kabisado nya yung tula pero may mga taong pinagtawanan sya kasi slang. I caught it on video. Naiinis ako tuwing mapapanood ko yun.

Medyo natututo na din sya on her own. Kasi kahit English ang medium of instruction, Tagalog pa din ang usapan ng classmates nya sa school. Ang ayoko lang minsan pag bulol yung classmate, bulol din yung napi-pick up nyang salita. Like pag "parehas", sasabihin nya "pehas" kasi yun ang sabi ng kaklase nya. Kaya sa bahay tinatama ko.

Pero nakakatawa din nga naman minsan. Kasi nadidinig ko sya na nagta-try naman talaga mag Tagalog pag kausap yung mga kasama namin dito sa bahay. Tatanungin nya "Ano doing mo?" o kaya "San ka going?" Kailangan pa i-explain sa kanya yung tama. Pero siguro kasi mahaba yung "Anong ginagawa mo?" o kaya "Saan ka pupunta?" Ini-english na lang nya, mas madali nyang mabigkas.

Minsan naman yung Tagalog pag past tense na ginagaya nya sa English. Nilalagyan nya ng "ed" or "d" sa dulo. "natanggaled" "nahuloged" o kaya pag present participle na tagalog nilalagyan nya ng "ing" like "wiwi-ing", "pupu-ing", "palo-ing".

Kaya minsan napapaisip ako kung i-straight Tagalog na ba namin o ok lang na pag kami ang kausap eh English at pag yung mga kasama sa bahay eh Tagalog. Kaya lang pag nagagalit sya hindi na nila kinakausap. Kasi straight English ang salita nya.

Bahala na.