Thursday, March 19, 2009

hello daddy, uwi ka na...

gabbie grabs her toy phone if you tell her to call daddy. when her daddy calls (sa totoong phone) and i dont give it to her so she can talk to daddy, nagagalit sya. gabbie knows when daddy is already home. when she hears the car door slams she'll say Uh! then she'll look at the door and wait for daddy to show up. minsan sumasablay. one time akala nya nandyan na si daddy pero yung car pala ng kapitbahay yung nag-ingay. she cried a little. then i explained to her that its not yet daddy and daddy will be home in a few minutes.

ganyan nya ma-miss si daddy nya.

Gabbie meets Dora

Gabrielle is addicted to Dora na yata. she speaks words we can not understand. naisip ko baka spanish o kaya chinese (remember buong 9 months na nasa tyan ko sya i was working in Huawei).

anyways, every morning when she takes her breakfast dede, she watches Dora (kahit paulit ulit ng paulit ulit). sa afternoon pag hindi sya makatulog gusto nya Dora pa din (you'll know it when she wants to watch Dora. she will give you the dvd case and the remote control and hindi aalis sa harap mo hanggang hindi mo pini-play ang dvd). when its playing na she'd sit or lie down and tahimik na manonood na.

shopping buddy

haha! lagot lagot tayo kay daddy...

chaos! what happens when i let Gabbie play by herself

affected by global financial crisis

tsk tsk tsk... medyo kawawa... kasi affected nga.

we were planning to bring Gabbie to Boracay sana. pero noon yun, nung wala pang crisis. pero ngayon, wala na ang pang-Bora. napunta na sa Pampanga (haha!) kaya we bought her an inflatable kiddie pool na lang, and she enjoys the water and the sun there in our backyard lang. hehe. better luck next summer 'neng.

take note me payong pa sya.