Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary! Picnic sa Garahe ni Gabbie :)

Happy 4th wedding anniversary to my mommy and daddy! Here's our super sweet spaghetti treat for our super sweet daddy who's in faraway Germany right now.

Ballet: Day 4

It's Gabbie's 4th day in her ballet class, but sadly it's also her last day, for the meantime. Lately I have been feeling weak and tired and its difficult to catch up with all her activities. Hopefully, during semester breaks or when the little one is already here we can enroll her again :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Morning Sickness

I'm feeling that its a bit difficult this time than when I was having Gabbie. Maybe because that time I was working and morning sickness was not acceptable in the sick leave application? Or maybe because I was a little "spoiled" back then in terms of accessibility to my luho and cravings?

The past couple of days my appetite has gone super low. I almost didn't eat anything the other day because  everything I put in my mouth was rejected by my tummy. Yesterday I tried and was a bit successful, but I didn't take some of my meds, because I believe that they're causing all this weakness and lack of appetite. But it can't go on like that forever, of course, I need to take those meds for the safety and health of the baby.

I think I can sacrifice a few weeks more for the baby love :)

Today I was craving for a chocolate chip cookie.

But we had to rush after eating our lunch because daddy has to fix some more things for his flight tonight. Ok lang, bukas na lang :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Call me... Ate Gabbie! :)

Been feeling the signs for several days already, and I couldn't be wrong about it. But we waited for a few more days to be sure, and so that our trip to the OB will give us positive results. So last weekend, being 10 days delayed, we went to Capitol Med. The IE and the ultrasound confirmed that I am indeed pregnant at six weeks. Gabbie's wish has been heard- to be an Ate Gabbie already. But she has another wish now- she wants a baby sister to share her toys (if I know, kakikayan) with. For me, again, boy or girl, it wouldn't matter, as long as we will have a safe pregnancy (and delivery later on) and the baby is normal and healthy.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ballet: 3 (More Videos)

Sharing some more videos of Gabbie in her ballet class. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ballet: Day 3

Its the third day of her ballet class. She slept in the car (as usual) for 30 minutes but she had a different kind of energy even when I forced her to wake up. We were a few minutes late but when she joined the class, she was 100% in the mood. She got a lot of "good job Gabbie" and "very good Gabbie" from her teacher (and mommy and daddy of course).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Obstacle Course @ Gymboree Science Fun Class

It's Gabbie second day in her Science Fun class at Gymboree. The first half of the session is spent on the gym area and there they play, exercise and do obstacle course.

The other half is spent inside the activity room where they explore things like little scientists. On their first day, their lesson was about hot and cold and they "discovered" that ice turns to water when subjected to heat (or fire). Gabbie knows this by heart already.

On the second day, they talked about wind and learned that some things can be moved by wind- like clouds and windmills. They made a pinwheel which she later used in the fountain area of Eastwood City and she was really amazed that it indeed moves like a fan when there's strong wind.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ballet: Day 2

She was not in very good mood kasi we asked her to sleep on the way to the studio. Eh that was less than an hour travel lang, we woke her up nang wala sa oras kaya super nag tantrums, didn't join the class until daddy got out to get her food (Oreo).

These pics were all secretly shot. Didnt want her to get distracted by the flash. Init ng ulo eh.

Dutch Mill: Milk Substitute

It's been around six months when we weaned Gabbie from formula (and bottles). Thought I could get her to drink Enfagrow from a glass when she turned three, but I wasn't successful. I'm not giving her back the bottle of course. So while thinking of other ways to get her to drink milk again, we give her Chocolait, Milo or Hersheys choco milk drink and Yakult as source of Calcium, aside from the natural food sources.

But today we had her try Dutch Mill yogurt milk drink and it was a success! Gabbie even asked me where I bought that milk because she said she liked it.

So I guess from now on we will include this in our grocery list. Im not sure though if this is cheaper or pricier than other powdered milk but as long as Gabbie likes it, it should be OK :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ballet: Day 1

After several weeks of music class at Gymboree, Gabbie is now trying ballet. Day one was, as expected, more of getting to know the classmates and watching what they and the teacher are doing. At may kasamang panggugulo shempre. I think among them, she is the only first-timer. But for me, she did good. I took a few pics, not sure pa kasi if taking pictures is allowed coz I was the only one doing it.

Never mind her mismatched leotard and tights. The black tights that we have is still too big for her.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Toddler Talks

While boarding the airplane, a Tiger Airways flight attendant asked Gabbie:

FA: Hello Gabbie! Are you riding Tiger?
Gabbie: Uhmmm, no! Airplane!

**of course, what else?**

Mike was ranting over some reckless drivers while driving us to Gabbie's Gymboree music class.

Gabbie: Daddy, what's the opposite of noisy?
Mike: Uhm, quiet.
Gabbie: O quiet ka lang daddy ha. Quiet lang.