Saturday, March 30, 2013

1st Honorable

Gabbie got three medals again from her Kinder 1 class- 1st Place in Spelling Bee, Most Enthusiastic Student and 1st Honorable Mention.

Their Moving On Ceremony was held last March 14 in their school, Brightstar.

More pictures to be posted next time :)

Congratulations and keep up the good work Gabbie!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Calendar Girl

I am officially a calendar girl now. Haha!

Little Lady

During the pictorial in the school. Pictures will be included in their folio that will be given with their report card and certificate during their moving on ceremony.


That's the name of their new brother.

Just kidding.

It's the new member of the family, a gray Montero that replaced our beloved Zach, the Honda City. We wanted a car that has enough space for the four of us and the things that we bring when we go out. We wanted a car where there's space for Gabbie when she falls asleep on board. But most importantly, we wanted a car that can survive the usual flood that happens during the rainy season.

So here he is, with his cute and happy (to have him) models.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Practice writing

Tomorrow will be the last day of Gabbie's final exams. But it will just be Writing and Computer so we're not that stressed to review, except for a little practice in writing her name, the alphabet and the numbers.

After she wrote those, I thought I should give her more, something that could also practice her "copying" skills. So I made her copy my breastfeeding calendar message on the pad paper.

She almost did it perfectly, except for some missing letters and the last word that she intentionally did not complete because "there will be no more space" for something else that she thought of writing.

When she showed it to me, instead of feeling disappointed at the misspelled words and crooked strokes, I was touched with what she had written at the end of her piece. She showed it to me proudly, accompanied with a hug. Isn't this the sweetest thing to receive from your five-year old? :)