Monday, August 30, 2010

Toothbrushing Gabbie

Like most toddlers, Gabbie used to hate brushing her teeth, or when I do brush her teeth, I should say. We started with the real brush when she was one and half years old. I had to memorize the Colgate jingle just to make toothbrushing at night sound fun fun fun.

When she turned two, I had to "force" her to open her mouth (useless na ang Colgate jingle). Then she saw Shrek on DVD. There's a scene where Fiona and a bird were singing Aaahhhh... Aaahhh... Aahh... and the bird exploded at the highest note. She found it too funny. So when we brush her teeth, we would just ask her to sing like the princess and the bird. Successful kami dun, until now.

Then there's Charice's post (sis, I'm your blog stalker!) about telling her cutie daughter Jia that she's brushing animals out of her teeth so Jia will open her mouth because Jia finds it yucky to have goats, tigers, dogs, and monkeys inside her mouth.

Just for fun, I tried it on Gabbie. Just like with the Aaahhh... Aaahhh... Aahh.. she didn't resist when I asked her to open her mouth. I tried it anyway, but she just said "Nye!" to dogs and monkeys. So I told her we should brush her teeth because there's worm and spider inside her mouth. She said "Ewww!" and opened her mouth. But when we paused (to spit), she told me "No, mommy, no worms (in) my mouth! Chicken lang, and fish, and shrimp and bread and rice!"

"Ah, ok!"

So we brushed the chicken, the fish and shrimp and bread and rice away.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stacking Cups

I should have gotten a 20-or-more-piece stacking cups. Gabbie learned doing this 9-pc within half an hour (and a couple of times explaining to her how it should be done) after we bought the toy. Now I'm thinking of other activities we can do with these stacking cups while she's mastering  the cup tower.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jigsaw Puzzle

She was surprised to see the pieces flying everywhere when she removed it from its plastic cover. She said it was "sira". Haha. Of course I didn't expect her to know what's supposed to do with a jigsaw puzzle. I showed her how to do it. Then I asked her to do it herself, but when she tried, she lost patience and cried for help. We tried again, but she was the one to put the pieces on the board this time, she just asked me where to put them.

Then one day, I saw her in one corner solving the puzzle by herself. I asked her if she needed help. She said, "No po mommy, Abby lang."

Well, she wasn't able to solve it. I couldn't even figure out where Mickey's head and hands landed on the picture. She just connected the pieces until the whole board was covered. When she finished she clapped her hands and shouted "Yehey!"

That's my girl Gabbie. It was a good start.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make-up lessons

Gabbie was all eyes on Miss Universe on TV this morning appreciating the beautiful gowns of the finalists. Then this afternoon in a mall, she stopped by a TV showing a demo of how to apply make-up. She didn't leave until it was finished.

It may be too early to tell but I think Gabbie will be some sort of fashionista (or something related to that) in the future. Not bad. I love like it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gabbie's first painting

Now that Gabbie already acknowledges that not everything colorful are called candy, I thought it's time I let her try her hands on arts and crafts. She already has a lot of coloring books and few sets of non-toxic crayons, but here, she tried to do painting for the very first time.

I hope I can teach her to paint something happy and colorful next time. I should have hidden the brown and the blue paint, my fault. But it was a good try.

When I asked her what that thing was, she said its a "chocolate paper".

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gabbie, Jia and Dana

Gabbie with new friend JIA (in gray dress) and bestfriend DANA (in pink dress). Cutie little girls.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fluffy Pink Skirt

This fluffy pink skirt caused a commotion one afternoon in SM Marikina Dept. Store. I was busy looking for a pair of pants and a pair of shorts for Gabbie oblivious that she was also shopping on her own. Then she came to me carrying this P600 fluffy skirt.

Gabbie: Mommy, remove (from the hanger), try Abby.
Me: No, anak we don't need that.
Gabbie: Mommy, buy ko 'to.
Me: Anak, it's too expensive. Where will you wear it?
Gabbie: Dance Abby!

Then she raised her hands, tiptoed and turned around like a ballerina.

But still, it's expensive (well, for a skirt that I don't know if she can wear other than inside the house or the village). So I told her to put it back. But she wouldn't. I tried convincing her that it's not nice, it's baho, it's not for sale, etc. But to no avail. One saleslady tried to get the skirt from her but Gabbie wouldn't let go. She cried loud. And when the saleslady stopped, she ran and hid under the racks and cried even louder.

I went to her and asked if she really likes it. She said in between sobs, "Yes, mommy, like it."

So I gave up.

When we got home, she looked for her pink bear. She put on her skirt and stood beside the toy bear and proudly announced that she and the pink bear wear the same "dress".

And they danced like ballerina happily ever after.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Gaga

One chillax afternoon in Gabbie's room, I was so engrossed reading my book when I heard her singing "La la Oh la la!" Oh no, she was watching Bad Romance video in her PSP (she said she would just watch Avatar).

Me: Ay anak, NO yan. Not for Gabbie.
Gabbie: No, mommy. For BABY yan. Watch Abby yan.
Me: What are you watching ba?
Gabbie: BABY GAGA!
Me (ala Sponge Bob, Pokwang or Nicole Hyala): Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Magpinsan ba si J. Bieber at si Lady Gaga??

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abby's Red Car

Gabbie has a new car. We had to give up the old one (Frodo, the blue Civic who got flooded by Ondoy, check the photos and the sad story here) because of intermittent malfunctions and we thought that it's not safe to drive it in highways anymore.

This is Zach, the Red City. Gabbie wanted only a red car. No white, no silver, no black. "RED ONLY mommy!" So red it is. And she named it "Abby Car" (she calls herself Abby, not Gabbie).

Before, when Gabbie wakes up in the morning and learns her daddy already left, she would ask "Mommy, atan Daddy?" But when the car came, her first question of the day became "Mommy, atan my car?"

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Partying Gabbie

These photos were taken last June, during Alexis Gabrielle's 1st birthday party. As usual, Gabbie (yes, they're namesakes) came in in her best party mood and outfit.

And I, being the stage mom (Haha!), always made sure that she was comfortable despite her "winter" attire (she chose those shirts from her closet, buti na lang malamig sa venue)

She joined the games hesitantly, because there was a clown sitting nearby.

I joined a game with her, too.

And won a prize, of course.

And then they were asked to settle down for the "eating time". She patiently waited for her food.

And joined the other kids in the kids' dining area, and tried to feed on her own.

Then went back to the party area to watch and have photo with the mascot.

But wished she was big enough to reach and grab candies and goodies from the pabitin and pinata.