Monday, January 30, 2012

Gabbie @ One and Half (re-post)

I just had to post this here. This was originally posted in my FB account, months before I revived this blog.

Dowa. that's what she calls Dora, her favorite cartoon that she never misses to watch every single day.
she's behaved when she watches Dora. I can cook, bathe, clean the house and even do facebook.
at 18 months, Gabbie knows more than 20 words- dog, cat, bird, mommy, daddy, kucko, ninang, lolo, among others.

She can say her name when you ask her what her name is, she says NO when she doesnt want something, she nods when she wants it.

Nobody taught her to sing and dance, but she does it a lot, especially the dance. her favorite dance music are the 3-in-1 plus one (ice cream), all the single ladies, low, and some Wowowee music. She screams at game shows, she laughs and even cries when people in the show are crying.

She recognizes babies, cats, dogs, airplanes and birds on tv. she dances We Did It dance with Dora, she screams Map! when Dora asks "who do we ask for help, blah blah, blah.." and says Backpack when Dora says so.

She knows the names of her toys b heart- Fridolin, Elmo, Jollibee, Frida, the Cars, Picachu, the Dog, etc. But of all, she always embraces Elmo and brings it anywhere with her as if its her bestfriend. She watches Sesame Street on tv every afternoon.

She no longer sits on her high chair during meal times. Instead, she gets her own (low) chair, she sits, rather stand- beside me or her daddy and she eats her food by herself. She likes soups, just like her daddy. She eats a lot when we have sinigang, nilaga, sopas, noodles- anything with sabaw. she also like sayote. she eats sayote like french fries. she also likes fish. she's not much into pork and beef. she sometimes likes chicken.

After eating and her hands are dirty, she shows us her hands and asks us to clean it. when you tell her to wipe her hands and mouth using her lampin, she will get her lampin (she knows where to get it). if you tell her you need wipes to clean her hands, she will get the wipes. she also knows where to find it.

She gets her board books when i tell her to read them. and she gets her toys when i tell her to just sit in a corner and play. she writes on a makeshift study table too. and lies down when you tell her to, especially when its dede time already.

When she poops, she will touch her tummy and say poopoo. when you tell her to go to the cr to wash pipi, she will go before you do. she can also remove her pants and panty, and can put on and remove her shoes.

All our cabinets have locks already, including the ref. she can already open it and choose the food she wants to eat. she knows what she wants. she doesnt like egg nog. when you open the food cabinet and tell her to get what she wants, she will get the fruit jelly.

She does whatever she sees us doing. she massages my leg and head when i tell her to. she combs my hair and wipes my sweat too.

She gets palo sometimes, pag sobrang kulit na. but when she sees that mommy is mad already, she talks to me and she kisses me. and when i ask her if she loves mommy, whatever she's into, she says yes by nodding.

In the morning before daddy leaves for work, she will ride the car and they will drive around the village first. and when daddy comes home in the evening, she opens the door for him.

Everytime she sees that im not wearing my slippers inside the house, she will bring my slippers to me and will not stop until i put it on. she does the same to daddy. isnt that sweet?

She can turn on and off an electric fan without getting hurt. she can talk to daddy over the phone. she recognizes daddy, mommy. lolo and lola on photos.

I can say over a hundred more things about Gabbie at 18 months. But those are the ones that are most remarkable. I learn something about her everyday. One time she was speaking with daddy on the phone. I was talking to her at the same time. She looked at me and put her forefinger on her lips as if to say 'mommy quiet'. that was one cute moment for me. i loved her for that.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Abby's 4th Birthday and Rafa's Baptism

Ate Gabbie requested for a swimming party. Rafa came just a few weeks before her ate's birthday. So we decided to just hold the birthday and baptism in one day.

Rafa's baptism was attended by her Ninangs and Ninongs. Mike's family and mine were also there to witness her baptism. Other guests just went straight to the lunch reception that immediately followed.

Our event suppliers are as follows:

Photographer: Kathy of K Snaps
Cost: P4,000 for 4hours- labor and 20pcs print outs

Food: Delica Catering
Cost: P300 per head

Venue: Villa Infant Jesus (Vista Valley, Marikina City)
Cost: P15,000 for 5-hour use- pool area and a portion of the pavilion

Photobooth: Cheezu
Cost: P3,250 thru Cashcashpinoy- 3-hour unlimited shots

Food carts (mixed balls and nachos) & Pinata: Yanple Party Shop
Cost: check their website for list and prices of party supplies 

Pabitin: DIY

Invites: QPS
Cost: P18.00 each

Cake and Cupcakes: Timmys Oven
Cost: P3,000 for 2-layered cake and 30pcs themed cupcakes

Everyone enjoyed the party, including of course Ate Gabbie, who couldn't even eat lunch and pose to the camera properly because she was so excited to swim already.

The party was attended by close friends and our immediate families only. The weather that day was nice- it was not very hot and although it rained a little, it didn't stop the guests from enjoying the food and the kids (and even adults!) from enjoying the pool.

Rafa was sleeping half the time. The photographers were quick to take close shots of her during the time that she was awake.

Daddy and mommy are looking forward to seeing our dear friends again on Rafa's first birthday in November.