Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gabbie Reads "Are You My Mother?"

One of Gabbie's favorite things to do before she sleeps (either during afternoon naps or at bedtime) is to read. Books that she reads can be workbooks, activity books, fairy tales or just any book from her own "library" like this one titled Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman which we got from the Books For Less warehouse sale several weeks ago.

I used to read to her. There was even a point when she already memorized a whole book (Barbie Fairytopia) that she can tell the entire story by herself without reading it (just looking at the book and recalling the words).

But now, she is the one reading the book by herself.

 We have a new storyteller in the house! Konting practice pa :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Playtime with Keziah and Gerald

Gabbie reunited with her Nursery friends Keziah and Gerald yesterday during the Parents-Teachers Conference in the school.

After the PTC, we went to SM Marikina with Keziah and her grandma and Gerald with her mom Arianne. We treated the kids to a motorcycle ride and Jollibee snacks because they all got good grades in their report card. The kids especially Kesh and Gabbie must have missed each other so much they were just playing and running most of the time. Lola Enri, Arianne and I watched them while catching up with each others chika.

Star Pupil K1 1st Quarter

Ate Gabbie did it again! Despite our difficulties in reviewing and doing homework (because I'm attending to both her and Rafa's needs at the same time) she got the highest grades in the first quarter of the school year and this Star Pupil Award.

This is another milestone and achievement for Ate Gabbie. We will continue to support her and help her excel in her studies and later on when she's big, in whatever it is that she'd want to pursue.

Congratulations Ate Gabbie and no matter what, love na love ka ni Mommy and Daddy. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kids in Action

It was a tough job. Shooting the kids, that is.

Gabbie had to do it several times because the wind would get in the way (under shorts showing in photographs- not cool!) while with Rafa, we were watching her closely- scared that she might fall (she actually did, once).

But it was a success!

And since we did not bring a tripod, it was impossible to take a family photo.

It was fun- really really fun. I wish we can do this more often. And then I can start making a scrapbook or a photobook of our playdate in different parks and playground in Metro Manila.

Play and Photoshoot

Sooo thankful of the nice weather last Saturday 'cause we were able to bring the girls to a park (grounds and greens!) and take some natural light shots of Rafa that we could use for her birthday party invites, tarpaulin or (if budget permits) standee.

We made Rafa walk on the grass too, with a walker of course, and took some jumping shots of Gabbie while she was trying to chase and catch a dragonfly.

I had fun taking photos of the girls that I plan to do it again. 

Hoping for more long weekends. Haha.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

After Breakfast

Our first attempt to let her feed herself. We're practicing baby led weaning and we started with organic teething biscuits. Now we give her bread, baked camote, apple, oranges, baby biscuits among others. They say that letting them eat on their own at an early age will help them with their speech development.

Video: Rafa going down the bed

After several attempts, finally! :)

Stairs- uh oh!

July 20, 2012- The day she discovered this thing called stairs. She's been doing this at every opportunity and she's becoming good at it each time. Nakakatakot lang kaya bantay sarado at todo alalay talaga. Kakatuwa :)

Sisterly Love

Kahit maghapon nyang inaasar, kinukulit, nilalamutak at pinangigigilan, at the end of the day, love nya pa din talaga si Rafa.

Moments like this are so precious, thank God for camera phones :)

Monday, August 13, 2012


Ate Gabbie just got home from school. They can not go out because its raining (again!) and so they just played with a Snoopy walking stuffed toy that their Tito RJ gave them.

It's so happy to see the girls giggle and enjoy things together.

Going down the bed

At nine months, she has fallen off the bed several times already, but thankfully just minor ones. Just the other day, she woke up from her afternoon nap and silently she moved to the edge of the bed and slid her legs slowly until she was able to go down with both feet flat on the floor.

Good job Rafa! Another milestone :)