Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mind Museum in Taguig

Because she asks so many why's and I don't have the answer to each and every one of them, I promised Gabbie to take her to science museum one day. Then dealgrocer had a promo for The Mind Museum in Taguig where tickets were sold at 50% off. I purchased four tickets and scheduled our trip to September.

The kids were allowed to roam around and try things on their own. Rafa was most fascinated in the dinosaurs as one of her favorite apps in my iPad is about the the different kinds of dinosaurs.

Gabbie, on the other hand was into the evolution of man. She was amazed at how good looking people now came from monkey-looking people in the past.

I guess the most fun part of our museum tour is when we got "electrocuted" and our hairs stood up from their roots because of that. So funny :) 

A few days after out science museum trip, Gabbie went to me and made a sound in her mouth that mimics sound of a heatbeat. And then she told me, "You heard it, Mommy? That's the sound of our hearts here (pointing to her chest). I learned that from the museum."

I felt proud of our Gabbie. :)