Tuesday, September 20, 2011


(Note: nakatuwaan ko lang sya picturan, she was actually pretending to sleep like that on the bench, hindi nakikiuso sa planking :p )

Reasoning Out

Last minor exam, Gabbie got -1 in her score because she did not include the toy teddy bear to the things that belong to a baby, despite teacher's instruction to include it. She said "It belongs to a kid, not babies." And that it is not in the book that they previously discussed and reviewed. I told her that she also has a teddy bear toy in her room (so she must be familiar with it) but she said "But I'm not a baby anymore!"

Yesterday, she got a "?" mark in her seatwork for not coloring the milk (teacher said color the pictures that begin with letter M) because "Milk is just white, mommy. I don't need to color it." I had to explain to the teacher that she knows that milk begins with letter M but she did not color it because she believed that milk is just white. The teacher kind of "forced" her to color the picture using any color but she only colored the bottle cap (tansan) not the entire bottle, because again, "Milk is just white."

(oo nga naman, we're talking about the milk inside the bottle, how can we color it? and if it's the bottle that we're talking about, then it is not correct to color it, because bottle begins with letter B, not M. vague talaga)

I'm beginning to think that Gabbie can not work in a government office in the future. Or that she would prefer to run her own business than to work for somebody else.

Or she could also be a lawyer?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another series of "Why's"

Gabbie was asking me why the pinky finger is small and different. And why the other fingers are also different from one another. I told her each finger has its own use, and maybe Jesus made it smaller so that there will be a baby finger, just like a baby boy and a baby girl. I was running out of explanations.

And then last night she had some follow up questions

"Mommy, why do you have that (pointing to my mole)?
I said "Jesus gave me that."
"Why did Jesus give you that?"
"So I will be beautiful and unique."
"Why do you want to be unique?"
"Because each person is unique, no one is the same as the others."
"Why are we different?"

There were also series of questions about the rain and the sun and the storm.

"Why does it rain?"
"Why do plants need water?"
"Why do they need to grow?"
"Why do we need to eat vegetables?"
"Why do we need to grow strong?"
"Why does the sun hide in the night?"
"What is a storm?"
"Why is there a storm? What is it for?"

And the list of questions go on and on until it was already time to sleep.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Shower Party for Ate Gabbie & Rafa

As requested by their daddy, we're pushing thru with our planned Big Sister Shower for Ate Gabbie and Baby Shower for Rafa, but it's going to be just a simple gathering with the family, close friends and godparents-to-be.

Now I'm doing the layout for the tarp banner and thinking of souvenir/giveaways. :)