Monday, August 29, 2011

Shopping for Baby Rafa

Today we went to SM Megamall to check out the Kids' Warehouse Sale in Mega Trade Hall. There were A LOT of kids' clothes to choose from- different brands, different styles, different sizes. We did some shopping for Baby Rafa's clothes, and Gabbie got a jacket of her own. Gabbie was more excited than me because she was the one choosing everything for Rafa. She put everything in our basket as if they are all for free. But in the end, we just got some onesies, a shirt, a blouse, a dress and a set of mittens, boots and cap for our little baby.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gabbie recites a Tagalog poem for Linggo ng Wika

Gabbie was included in the eight Nursery students who recited a Tagalog poem in solo during their school's Linggo ng Wika celebration.

Weeks before the event, the kids were given a copy of the poem. At first, Gabbie was very hesitant to practice the poem at home. But the teacher said they will have their own time to practice in school. They practiced "sabayang pagbigkas" for three consecutive Mondays.

At home we still tried our best to help her memorize the poem. I'd read it loud to her even if she pretended to not listening and even if she was watching cartoons during her free time.

Two days before the program, the kids did a rehearsal outside the classroom. We, parents and fetchers, were able to see them recite together. Seven kids, excluding Gabbie, practiced solo.

The next day, they did their final rehearsal and the kids used a microphone. After each kid, Gabbie would raise hand and say "Me!" The teacher gave her a chance to recite and to my surprise, she did well! At the end of the session, I was told that she'd be the eighth kid to recite in solo during the program proper.

I never thought that my daughter can recite a whole Tagalog poem that easy! Some said she was slang and "bulol" but we really didn't care. After all, she's just three and what's important is that she was not scared and shy to speak or perform in front of many people.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

In celebration of Breastfeeding Month

While we were reviewing for Gabbie's lesson about "the things that are used by a baby"

Gabbie (pointing at the feeding bottle): Mommy, what is this?
Me: It's a milk bottle. The baby drinks milk from that.
Gabbie: Mommy, you have milk bottles too oh! (then she points at my breasts) You have two!
Me: Hahaha! Really?
Gabbie: Yes. This is how I drink milk from you oh (then pretends to breastfeed) and then Rafa will also do like that when she come out.

Gabbie was breastfed from birth to 22 months albeit only around 80 - 90%, because I worked on her first six months and there were not much support from the environment. Its ok; she may have experienced feeding from a bottle but she only remembers mommy's breasts as the baby's dede, not the bottles.

I'm looking forward to 100% breastfeeding Rafa this time, now that I am totally aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and the mommy :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Star Pupil Award

Earlier today too we went to Ate Gabbie's school to get her school card. They didn't have classes, but the teachers talked to each parent upon giving the report card. When it was my turn, she began by saying "Congrats po mommy, may award po si Abby." I was like, "Ay talaga po, ang saya naman! Pati po sa Writing?" And then the teacher said "Opo, ok naman. Pero shempre kailangan pa i-improve." And then she handed me the report card with this certificate:

Yesterday when I saw the results of her first quarter exams, I was overjoyed. I kissed her in her forehead many many times. She asked "why kiss me many?" I told her because she did really good in her exams. She got 45 out of 45 in Reading, 45 out of 45 in Language, 60 out of 60 in Math and 33 out of 45 in Writing.

Honestly, even if she got 33 out of 45 in this major exam for Writing, we were not expecting that she'd get a high grade, at least for now, because in the second minor exam, she only scored 23 out of 40. But still she made it to the Star Pupil Awardees! I felt really proud of my daughter, I was teary-eyed when we went out of the school. Feeling first honor na!

I know this is just the beginning. But it is a very good start. And I know that this will serve as our inspiration to teach her and guide her and be patient with her especially in areas she needs to improve more.

Good job Ate Gabbie! And Thank You Lord for giving her the wisdom and for always guiding her in all her school work. You're the best! :)

Baby Rafa is a GIRL!

Last week we had an ultrasound to determine the gender of our second baby. Baby Rafa is a girl! Today we had the 3D scan and this is the first photo of the new princess in the house :)

It took us a few minutes to get clear shots. Baby Rafa was a little shy at first, she was covering her face with her feet! And when she moved her feet out, hands naman ang itinakip sa mukha. The sonologist asked me to lie sideways to position the cam right, but still nothing. Then we asked Gabbie to talk and sing some songs for Baby Rafa. And then Baby Rafa quickly moved and smiled and opened her eyes and moved her mouth like she was singing along with Ate Gabbie.

Such a lovely sight to see :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Missing Daddy

Gabbie woke up from siesta one afternoon crying. I asked why and she said "because I want to go to daddy." But daddy was in the office. She kept crying and said "I just want to talk to my daddy." So I called daddy and they talked.

Daddy: Why are you crying?
Gabbie: Because I'm mad.
Daddy: Why? Are you happy or sad?
Gabbie: Sad, because I want you to come to my house.

She wanted daddy to come home already. She must have dreamed of daddy in her sleep or she just simply missed her daddy.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Bullied At School

As I have posted in my Facebook page, today my daughter went home from school with not only a star but also a sun and a moon on her arm. That is because she was bitten by a classmate who is known to be a "bully" in the class since day one.

Apparently, this is not just a simple bite. It even caused a little panic among the teachers because the boy wouldn't let go of Gabbie's arm easily, maybe due to too much "panggigigil".

The kids were reading books while waiting for the class to start. But this boy who was seated in front of Gabbie kept on grabbing her book. Gabbie went to the teacher's corner to get another one. The teacher gave her and then she walked back to her table but before she even reached her seat, the boy grabbed the book again and went to his chair and hid the book under the table. Gabbie tried to get it back but the boy bit her in the arm. It was so quick I didn't even see it. The only thing I saw was teacher rubbing Gabbie's arm like it was hurt. I thought it was just a little "kalmot" or such but a few minutes after, the teacher called me in and told me the story.

They were surprised that Gabbie did not cry at all. But the boy did (cry), maybe because they scolded him and he got really scared that I might scold him too. But of course I didn't. I just couldn't. They're kids. I just told him that what he did was not good and that he shouldn't do it again. Well, I'm not so sure if the boy understood or not. But I will definitely not let this pass without talking to the parent or guardian (or let the teachers do it) so that they can also do their part in disciplining their child.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Kid's Prayer

"Loving God, I offer You this day. May it be filled with life, love and learning. May I be Your child always clean in thoughts, in words and in action. Amen."

This is the prayer of the Nursery before they start the class everyday.