Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet and Greet Dora, Diego & Boots

For a P300 purchase of any Nickelodeon item in Robinsons Department Store, we were able to get a pass for Nickelodeon's Meet and Greet Dora, Diego and Boots in Robinsons Metro East last October 15, 2011.

Gabbie was, as usual, excited to see three of her favorite cartoon characters up close. While waiting for Diego, Dora and Boots to appear, there were some questions for the kids and they get prizes for answering the questions right. Gabbie was able to answer one; she got a fan and stickers as her prize:

And when Dora and Boots were already dancing on stage, she couldn't help... she danced along even if she was the only one doing it.

After some more games, kids went up the stage to get photographed with Dora and Boots. Other kids were with their mommies and daddies but Gabbie did not bother going up alone.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miss Guyana :)

Guyana flag was the one assigned for Gabbie during their school's UN Celebration. Good thing they did not require the students to wear the national costume of whatever country was assigned to them. Yesterday, the kids paraded in pairs around the school in their uniform (though there were two kids who came in Korean and Egyptian costumes) each proudly holding and waving his own flag.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Sister & Baby Shower Pary

Date: October 1, 2011
Venue: Maxs Tiendesitas
Cake: Red Ribbon (personally chosen by Ate Gabbie)
Game prizes: chocolates
Souvenirs: mini feeding bottles filled with candy chocolates
Balloons by Ninang Jenny

We were in the venue at around 2PM to do some preparations. It was raining since mid-morning although there was no typhoon signal in Metro Manila anymore. Gabbie and I prayed for a nice weather and I guess that was the best that mother nature could give us. :)

    The party started with daddy Mike's intro and welcome remarks. 

Then followed with Gabbie's opening prayer.

We had games prepared for the party. Gabbie was the one who called out for the participants. The first game was called "Fill The Diaper Bag". Ninong Mark and Tito JP were called to join. They had to fill a bag with pictures of baby stuff that can be found inside a diaper bag. One who got the most number of pictures win. The pictures were placed under the chairs and they had to select only the things that can be put inside a diaper bag. If they put a baby stuff that is not supposed to be in a diaper bag (e.g. car seat), 1 point will be deducted to the total points.

Tito JP won this game, but one point was taken off the total because he mistakenly put a picture of an electric bottle sterilizer inside the bag.

The next game was called "Draw A Baby Face". Gabbie called Lolo Reymar and Lola Belen to join the game. They were blindfolded and were given pens and paper plates where they will draw a face of a baby then paste a pacifier in the baby's mouth to complete the image.

Ate Gabbie announced the winner and it was her Lola Belen.

And then we showed our guests a video that I prepared showing Gabbie's growing up pictures. When I was doing the video I was really crying. Fortunately when it was being shown, I was able to control my emotions. Hehe.

And then we showed them Rafa's 3D ultrasound photos in a video that I also made.

While waiting for the food to be served, we presented Ate Gabbie our Big Sister surprise- an organ that she had been wishing for. She loves playing music (kung ano anong music lang) and dancing and singing along with it. She said she will sing songs for Rafa when she comes out.

Daddy read our message for Gabbie written in a card:

Dear Gabbie,
We thank God for a wonderful blessing called YOU. We thank you for always giving us joy. You taught us many things about loving and enjoying parenthood. We pray to God to give us good health and long life to watch and help you grow and to spend many many more precious moments with you. We love you anak, our baby girl Gabbie princess.
Mommy and Daddy

Gabbie said "Thank you mommy and daddy." And then she led the prayer before meals.

A BIG thanks to our friends and relatives who celebrated with us despite the not-so-good weather.

Another game that we had was called "Dress up the baby" where  two mommies (Tita Sharon and Tita Ariannce) were asked to undress and dress a baby (dolls). The dolls were wearing booties, mittens, diapers, onesies and caps initially. Both mommies finished at the same time so they were both winners.

The last game that we had was for the kids, but they were also allowed to ask help from their mommies. They were asked to write the baby names of the adult animals we have listed. The clues were jumbled letters of the answers. It was fun and educational. Kuya Maron got 9 correct answers out of 10. 

It was really fun and Gabbie hosted the party all throughout. Indeed a big sister already!

At home she was excited to open the gifts, although most of them are for Rafa.

We are ready to welcome you Baby Rafa! Ate Gabbie, mommy and daddy are excited to see you already :)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Proud Ate :)

Today, Gabbie is wearing a shirt that will help her prepare for the coming of her baby sister. Proud Ate! :)

Monday, October 03, 2011

Baby & Big Sister Shower Party a Success!

Despite the rains, our baby and big shower party for Rafa and Gabbie went well, as planned.

We gave Gabbie a starter organ/piano as a big sister gift. She loves singing and playing music for her baby sister Rafa.

The welcome cake for baby Rafa was from Ate Gabbie. She personally chose this design from Red Ribbon.

More photos and kwento next time. Meantime, we need to review for Gabbie's 2nd quarter exam from tomorrow until Friday.

But I will not let this chance pass to thank everyone who celebrated with us and to Jesus for not letting it rain really hard before and after the party and for making all these things happen. :)