Thursday, July 19, 2007

say goodbye to gorgeous bod for now :)

today im wearing my old white polo shirt so my popping tummy is very much visible. and a lot of people have made bati already about me and my tummy growing big. oh well, its 3and half months so it should be showing by now and i cant hide it anymore (not that im hiding it or have any intentions of doing so, in fact im so proud of it!)

anyways, i guess this picture will be the last of me wearing a two-piece swimsuit and skimpy shorts. at least for the next few months (or years! hahaha).
o nice pose, di ba? this was taken last April 22, i think, at the Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal.

that's me, 3rd from left (jam, claire, me and ate rona)

Monday, July 09, 2007

me misses going to spa...

i miss back massage
i miss foot massage
i miss head massage
i miss foot scrub
i miss the aroma
i miss the dim lights
i miss the soothing music
i miss the complimentary tea
i miss the sauna

i just miss pampering myself and just relaxing inside the spa.

but for now i have to live with the back aches, head aches, calloused feet and the natural sweat from our humid weather... because i have to stay away from any type of massage while i am preggy... this is all for baby's welfare. its about time to think about not mine but our baby's welfare :)