Monday, October 26, 2015

Gabbie Writes: Tink and the Bug

On the first days of summer vacation, Gabbie played with some papers and stickers she got from birthday parties she had been. One afternoon, she handed me some post its bound in the side like a booklet. She said, "Mommy, let me tell you a story."

Tink and the Bug by Abby, Written by Abby

One day there was a girl named Tink, a friendly fairy. Most of her friends call her Tinker, some call her Tinkerbell or Tink.

Next morning she saw some snow flakes falling and she saw a sign that says "Frozen" this way ----> So she went there. 

She saw Rosseta, the flower fairy and she is also her friend.

She saw a sign of (picture of reindeer Sven) . She saw some reindeers and touched them.

The end.

Pretend Plays

Here at home they have a box full of costumes, props and what nots that they use in their everyday pretend play. I love how they can be princesses and superheroes one day and then chefs and halloween characters the next.

It's fun to be kids!