Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gabbie Moments

One afternoon after Gabbie's school, we stopped at Sally's goto to have meryenda. But there was no more goto (how ironic) so we ended up having mami (for her) and pancit palabok (for me).

While she was having a great time with her chosen food, I was struggling to finish mine. When there was about two spoonfuls left on my plate, I put the fork down and pushed the plate a little away from me.

G: Mommy, you still have more.
Me: I don't like na, Anak.
G: Mommy, if you buy (bought) it, you finish it, Ok?
Me (laughing real hard): Ok!

So I finished my palabok... against my tastebuds' will.


When I was about to pay for our pamasahe in the jeep, Gabbie grabbed my arm and said, "I'll be the one, Mommy, I'll be the one!"

I asked her if she knew what to tell the manong driver and she said yes.

G: Manong, bayad po, one lang po ha, sa.... Market!

I blushed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time to declutter?

This built in cabinet was made in November. I was able to dispose some of the kids' stuff in time for the N@W party. But during Rafa's birthday, Christmas and even Gabbie's 5th, they got another load full of toys, books, and other things they don't necessarily use.

So I' thinking of de-cluttering again, to make space for the art activities that I'm planning to do with Gabbie in summer.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

After The Flu

She caught the virus from somewhere a few days before Christmas. She was on medication for a week, due to cough, colds and fever. When the fever was gone, there came rashes. I texted the pedia, she said no need to go back because it was just roseola virus, or tigdas hangin. After three or so days, the rashes were gone.

Then it was Ate Gabbie's turn. She got the virus. And she was given antibiotics. The day before she stopped taking paracetamol, the ball was back to Rafa. For a week she had fever, cough and colds. An eruption of molar tooth contributed to the little girl's agony. The once matakaw baby suddenly lost her appetite. She would only feed on mommy, and giving her medicines was such a struggle. We brought her back to the pedia and she was also given antibiotics. But thank God, after a couple of doses, she started getting up and playing. Then she was back to eating rice and pasta, minus the sauce.

To date, she's still taking antibiotics and something for her cough, but the fever is already gone. She' back to dancing and making kulit already. And picking her own food from the cabinet, and giggling, laughing and even singing.

Thank God.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Birthday celebration in school

It was her first day to go to school for 2013. She was absent for a week due to viral infection. She was wearing a jacket to shield herself from room aircon and rainy weather.

Her classmates sang a "happy birthday" song, she thanked them and she blew the candle on the cake. It was just a simple and small cake with the words "happy 5th birthday abby" written on it. We didnt serve it to her classmates because I want to avoid uniform stains.

The kids had Jollibee burgers, spaghetti and french fries. I got them each a piece of brownie from Goldilocks and tetra juice from Lola Vera.

She went home with a few gifts that she opened as soon as she got in the car. I didnt even know who have what. She was so excited, and obviously happy. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gabbie's 5th Birthday

For the first time, Gabbie's birthday fell on a weekend. We were supposed to celebrate in school a couple of days before but she was still sick and she was not allowed to go to to school so she wouldnt spread the virus.

Anyways, since its already her fifth, we thought of not throwing a big party for her anymore. We went to Antipolo Church in the morning to hear a mass then dropped by our Ninang Bi's grave to remember her on her 3rd death anniversary. Since the kids were still sick and it was drizzling and really windy, we decided against staying longer and even lighting up some candles.

We then went to Stacy's to have lunch. The kids played a little and Gabbie finished her whole serving of mac and cheese (thank heavens!) while me and Daddy had cream dory and texas barbeque ribs.

After hanging out a little at Stacy's, we went to Eastwood mall to do a little shopping for the birthday girl. She also requested for a horseride (carousel) and since its her birthday, she got her wish :)

I bought her a sunday dress from Bayo. And then she "played" inside the toystore. Then she met Venus Raj. She was so proud to have met in person a real beauty queen.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The dreaded virus

A few days before Christmas, we rushed Rafa to the pedia for fever, cough and colds. She was given medicines but was not advised to be confined because she was not dehydrated naman. We brought her to hilot and "patawas" also, just in case. After a few days, her fever was gone. But her body temperature went as down as 35-ish. I was worried. The next day I texted the pedia because I saw some rashes in her face, back and tummy area. Pedia said no need to bring her again because it's just tigdas hangin or roseola virus. After 3 days, the rashes were gone just like that.

Then just las week, two days before Gabbie's school resumes, it was her who got sick naman, with fever peaking at 39.9 at one point. Went again to pedia and she was given medicines for cough. I talked to her teacher and excused her from school.

During those days that she was sick, Gabbie would just watch tv, play for a few minutes with her toys, read a little then play games in the cellphone.

After 5 days (Wednesday), she still had fever so we brought her back to pedia. At that time Rafa was also showing signs of flu and became so clingy. We started giving her paracetamol and she was given medicine for her cough.

Today, Gabbie no longer has fever but still has cough and colds. The virus was passed on to Rafa whose temperature goes normal in the afternoon but hovers at 38 to 39 at night time.

So for how many days (or weeks!) now, I could only sleep for about 4 hours at night and would try really hard to get at least 30-minute naps in the afternoon when the kids are also sleeping.

This virus had kept us busy and worrying for almost a month now. I hope when it finishes its course (on Rafa), he will leave us for good and never ever come back.

And because of this, I'll make sure our immune system will never allow any viruses to mess with our sleep, appetite, activities and school anymore.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Sisterly love

After a day of dancing, playing and fighting, these sisters know exactly how to comfort each other, even in sleep.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Tagaytay Getaway

Swimming and sight-seeing in Balai Isabel, Batangas.

Then overnight, kite flying and horseback riding in Tagaytay...

Let's do this again, daddy :)