Monday, February 28, 2011

Exploring Singapore: Sentosa Island and Marina Bay Sands

Sharing again photos of our Sentosa Island and Marina Bay Sands tour, in video format for easy viewing. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exploring Singapore: Universal Studios

Our photos in Universal Studios Singapore in one MV, for easy viewing. Taken last February 18, 2011, third day of our long-awaited Sg trip. Enjoy! :)

Monday, February 07, 2011

Lesson for today: Opposites

To avoid being bored on the road, we sing, we dance, we read billboards and plate numbers and we play games like I Spy and sometimes some question-and-answer with Gabbie. She likes it when we make her think and analyze and explain and ask (the endless WHY's). Last night, we had some lessons about opposites.

Mommy: If it's not big, it is...
Gabbie: Small!

Mommy: If it's not up, it's...
Gabbie: Down!

Mommy: If it's not right, it is...
Gabbie: Left!

Mommy: If it's not white, it's...
Gabbie: Black!

Mommy: If it's not go, it's...
Gabbie: Stop!

Mommy: If it's not sleep, it's...
Gabbie: Wake up!

Mommy: If it's not noisy, it's...
Gabbie: Quiet!

Mommy: Very good Gabbie ko ah!

Mommy: If it not forward, it's...
Gabbie: Backward!

Mommy: Uy very good talaga! Hmmm...

Mommy: If it's not short, it is...
Gabbie: PANTY!

*laughtrip na kami ng daddy nya...*

Haha, I should have asked for the opposite of "corta", baka mas alam pa nya ("larga"). Haha!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chillin' in Tagaytay

We attended Gabbie's godfather's wedding in Chapel on the Hill in Calaruega Batangas last weekend and as expected we literally chilled all day all night.

the newlyweds Allan and Kristine

a visit to church is never complete without Gabbie looking at "Amen" and actually touching them

showing off her knee high socks, she wouldn't be able to stand the cold weather without them

always, always fond of "Ninong" JM

doing her own "walk down the aisle" moment

obviously doesn't want to be photographed with daddy

but all smiles with mommy and Ninang Joy

getting ready to shower flower petals to her Ninong Allan

playing around with Tito Mark

at the reception, Gabbie found her playmates

future models?

during the couple's first dance, Gabbie grabbed the hand of her playmate and they danced like newlyweds, and yes, they also kissed when the couple kissed at the end of their dance. kids...

Ninang Jen, si Tito Mark po oh. haha.

the morning after, at the Residence Inn Zoo (in-synch with the ostrich hahaha!)


it's a real tiger! and he's daddy's namesake (almost :p)

posing for mommy. lovely.


contradicting eyes

goofing around with the owl

riding a horse for the first time. she wanted a violet horse but where in the world can we find them? haha. in the end she gave in to the brown one.

and more chills...

enjoying the horseback ride

wrapping it up at Carlo's Pizza

finally, a picture of us three

can't stand the cold weather anymore 
that's how windy Tagaytay is.