Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School Girls

These are our school girls after their summer classes, taking their afternoon nap.

So far we have been successful with regards to their daily routine. TV/cartoon time has been limited to an hour a day which is a significant improvement than before they went schooling.

7-7:30 Wake up
8:00 Eat breakfast
8:30 Bath time
9:00-11:00 Summer school
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Review of today's lesson
1:00 Cartoon Time
2:00 Nap time
4:00 Snacks and indoor activities (play toys, puzzles, building blocks, etc)
5:00 Outdoor activities (biking, playing with neighbor kids)
6:00 Study for tomorrow's lesson
7:00 Free time (sing, play, read books, coloring books, etc)
8:00 Dinner
9:00 Prepare for bedtime
10:00 Sleep

And so far, both girls are behaving well in school, although Gabbie is, at her age, still very playful. But among the 3-yr olds in their summer class, Gabbie is the only one who never needed a companion inside the classroom since day one, and unlike most of her classmates, she doesn't cry or throw tantrums. She even finishes her snacks and she has improved a lot in terms of attention, focus and following the routine, according to the teachers. We just need to practice her coloring skills and grip because when she writes, its almost invisible especially when she uses a pencil.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Rafa :)

Meet Baby Rafa at 10wks and 4days. His expected date of delivery is on November 8, 2011. If he stays for three more days inside (like Ate Gabbie whose EDD was Jan 9, 2008 but came out Jan 12 instead), he will be born 11-11-11. We'll see :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last weekend we attended Darla's first birthday party at Alexandra Clubhouse in Pasig City. Darla is Dana's little sister. Dana is Gabbie's bestfriend. Darla and Dana are my friend Kitte's lovely daughters.

The party was hosted by a magician named Kuya Alex. His magic tricks were so amazing that we were caught by one of the photographer looking like this:

I've been watching a show where they reveal how these magicians do their tricks. But still seeing one do it right in front of my two eyes make me still go "whoa! how did he do that?"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gabbie's First Day in School (Summer Class)

First day of summer class, Gabbie asked me "Mommy, can I bring my PSP?" I said "No, that won't be necessary." She just said "Ok" then went to the bathroom to bathe and brush teeth.

At the school, she went immediately inside the classroom, totally forgetting that there's mommy and daddy watching her from outside. I had to get her attention to bid goodbye to daddy before he goes to work. She just kissed daddy goodbye and joined the other kids playing toys inside the classroom.

Outside, I waited for two hours just sitting and listening to other moms talking about their experiences with different schools they've been to. Sometime I'd fall asleep. And then I remember the PSP, I should have brought it with me, Gabbie was right. Haha.

Then about 30minutes before dismissal, I head a kid crying. I peeked at the room to check if it was Gabbie. It was another kid. But when Gabbie saw me looking, she said "Mommy, come inside." "No, anak it's not allowed" "Its ok, mommy. Come."

It was time to eat their snacks. "I thought you were the one crying", I told her. "I'm not crying! It's just the baby boy" she proudly answered. "But why is he crying?" I asked. "Maybe, he's hungry" she said.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Learning Lab @ Gymboree

Gabbie's last two sessions in Gymboree will be with Learning Lab. We might not re-enrol her unless the class opens on a weekend. That is because Gabbie will be attending a summer class starting third week of April.

According to Gymboree website: Learning Lab combines multi-sensory learning products from LeapFrog School™ and Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) with Gymboree’s interactive approach for a well-rounded learning experience for reading, writing and math.  Leapfrog activities are designed to help children build essential skills including letter and color recognition, counting, and shape identification, while HWT provides hands-on sensory-focused activities for fine motor skill development and beginning letter skills.

Today their lesson is about square. They made this artwork with lots of squares in it, they traced lines on a square pattern and they did some coloring and as usual, singing and dancing.

that's my very own Artzooka :)

using play dough to trace broken lines of a square

using a pen

i call this high-tech coloring :) i want to get one for Gabbie too, to try at home

and singing and dancing before dismissal

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Conversations with my toddler

Gabbie (nananahimik sa kitchen)
Me: Gabbie what are you doing?
Gabbie: I'm eating, Mommy!
Me: What are you eating?
Gabbie: Stick-O!
Me: Are you sure? Can you read it?
Gabbie: S-U-P-E-R-S-T-I-X. Stick-O!

Gabbie (at 7PM): Mommy, I want to watch cartoons.
Me: No more na cartoons, we will sleep na in a while.
Gabbie: I'm not sleepy.
Me: It's already dark anak, what do we do when it's already dark?
Gabbie: We have to use flashlight!

Gabbie: Mommy, my feet are talking! Talk to them please...
Me: Hello feet! But anak, feet don't talk.
Gabbie: Oh no, we have a big problem.
Me: Huh???

Me: Gabbie, please don't eat your hands. They're dirty.
Gabbie: Look mommy, my hands are clean.
Me: Yeah but there may be worms in your hands, don't eat them.
Gabbie: Don't worry mommy, I don't eat the worms, I just eat my hands.

Me (making lambing while waking her up): Good morning bebeng... are you wake up na?
Gabbie: Mommy, I'm not your bebeng. Just Gabbie. Just call me Gabbie. I'm still sleeping.
Me: Oh, ok... sleep more.