Saturday, July 30, 2011

In Case Of Emergency

Last night after eating:

Me: Ouch, my tummy is so sakit :(

Gabbie (grabs a toy and pretends to call daddy using that toy as her cellphone): Daddy! Hello! Mommy's tummy is sakit, we have to hurry! We have to bring her to the hospital!

After a while...

Gabbie (while rubbing my tummy): Are you ok now mommy?

Me: Yeah.

Gabbie (calls daddy again on her makeshift cellphone): Daddy! It's ok now. Good job for us daddy! Good job!


And this morning, before getting up:

Me: Yaiks, my tummy is sakit again.

Gabbie: Oh why, is Baby Rafa kicking your tummy again?

Me: Maybe.

Gabbie: Wait, I will get some medicine. 

Then she handed me the yellow box containing my OB vitamins.

Gabbie: Here, which one do you need?

May maaasahan na ako in time of emergency. I just need to enable the speed dialing of our phones and teach her how to do it. Good job Ate Gabbie :)

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