Thursday, February 19, 2009

at a kiddie salon

it's Gabbie's first time to have a haircut in a kiddie salon. obvious ba na hindi sya masaya? hehe. katakut takot na pangu-uto ang ginawa namin. we changed the dvd to Cars then to Dora (for a while naaliw sya). i even carried her na lang para lang matapos ang haircut. ang ending- parang ako ang nagpahair cut sa dami ng buhok na nalaglag sa damit ko hehe..

Yaya Dora

Dora and her friends can keep Gabbie occupied and entertained for maybe 5 minutes staight. thats enough time for me to wiwi or check my cooking. ayos di ba? as much as i want to, hindi pala pwede samin ang no-tv policy. Gabbie likes seeing baby commercials and the current MILO ad na maraming featured na athletes. she even cried nung minsan nasa kitchen kami and she heard that commercial being aired. takbo sya papunta sa tv pero hindi nya naabutan. umiyak! nakakatuwa na nakakaloka. so far mga child friendly shows naman yung pinapanood namin, and most of the time cartoons. nakakatuwa naman everytime she sees a dog sa tv eh sumisigaw naman sya ng DOG! DOG! at least nakakarecognize na sya.


first bruise. sobrang ouch (para sakin!) pero dedma lang si Gabbie. it happened outside the house kaya nakakainis. we baby-proofed our home to avoid things like this pero what can we do... maybe its really part of growing up.

it lasted for a week bago naalis yung gasgas. now we're thinking of getting her a knee pad. pero ang panget naman tignan kung naka-dress tapos me knee pad?


minsan napapaisip na ko kung babae ba talaga itong anak ko eh. hehe..

(mana siguro sa nanay, hindi takot umakyat kahit sa 60m na tower)

Gabbie turns ONE! - Supplier Ratings

Gabbie turns ONE! - Supplier Ratings

January 11, 2009

Bluewave @ Marquinton, Marikina

Theme: Fairies

Photos at

Gabbie’s birthday is actually on January 12. But since it falls on Monday, we decided to hold the children’s party on the 11th and the party for the adults (and others) on the 12th at home. It was just a simple party. We were working on a limited budget so we did not spend too much on anything even the venue décor and some more amenities, other than the party host package and face painter. But it turned out really nice and super fun.

Food: Gerry’s Grill, Bluewave, Marquinton

Cost: P30,000

Rating: 10

For the venue rental to be waived, we can only get Gerry’s Grill and Pancake House for our caterer. Other than them, we have to pay the rental fee of P8,000.00- which was too much for me. At first I did not want Gerry’s because I didn’t like the party packages that they were offering. I was eyeing on Pancake House so I booked them as early as October even if they told me to come back on December to finalize the booking, and even if there were a lot (as in a LOT) of restrictions.

But come December when I called them to remind and pay the downpayment already, they said that they can no longer accommodate us because they were closing in December 31 and that I should start looking for other caterer or venues already. So wala akong choice but to go back to Gerry’s. Buti na lang they were kind to customize a menu for us kasi I didn’t want sisig and pinakbet on my daughter’s birthday naman di ba. And they were very accommodating. So we ordered Spaghetti, chicken and bbq for the kids; pancit canton, chicken, fish fillet & lumpiang shanghai for the adults. The serving was generous, we ordered food good for 150 guests but there were about 180 who came and we were able to take home some more. The food was great as well, according to our guests and for me masarap yung chicken, pancit canton and lumpia. The service was ok, although parang konti yung naka-assign na waiters. Medyo na under estimate lang namin yung expected number of guests kaya nagkulang yung table, so we ended up adding five more tables pa. The only thing I didn’t like about the venue is that the unused chairs and tables were just stacked at the back na parang nagging bodega tuloy yung hitsura. I didn’t notice it agad kasi I was busy with other matters, buti na lang Apple of Yanple noticed it and we then I had it fixed by Gerrys staff.

Host/ Entertainment Package: Symond c/o Yanple

Cost: P6,500 (includes balloon twisting, magic tricks, puppet show & sound system)

Rating: 10

10+ sana for Symond kaso medyo na-late kasi sya ng dating. Partly fault ko din siguro kasi I wasn’t able to inform Apple na na-move yung party ng 30 minutes earlier. Eksaktong 3pm or a little late yata dumating si Symond pero ok lang, hindi naman kami na-short sa time kasi hindi na naming pinagawa yung fire show. Hubby didn’t want it kasi sa party, baka gayahin ng mga bata. Symond was a great host and entertainer. We got a lot of very good feedback and some even asked for his contact details and rate, balak yata nila kunin for their parties. No dull moment except for a part na pinagsama sama yung magic tricks with one of the guest kids. Masaya naman yung part na yun pero pag pinapanood ko kasi yung video parang too long. Anyways, super entertained naman kami lalo na yung guests so I’d say that Symond is the best host/magician/entertainer we had seen so far.

Photos & Video: Erick Lirios (09178862877)

Cost: P8,000

Rating: 10

Kagaya ng Pancake House, the photographer that I booked months before the party backed out a few weeks before the event. It was JOHN AGUAS. I was so disappointed kasi I booked him October pa, then nagconfirm sya and even told me na discounted rate ang bigay nya samin kasi repeat client kami. When I texted him the details and reminded him, he said hindi na din daw sya available. I thought he was a PROFESSIONAL photographer. Malabo din palang kausaup, to think na repeat client pa kami. Anyways, it was a good thing I still had Erick Lirios’ contact details (from N@W) and buti available pa sya on that date. He came early and had good shots, although parang nakukulangan ako pero ok na naman, because he was able to capture nice shots of Gabbie and the guests. And we had the photos and video in DVD only a week after the event so nakita agad naminyung pictures habang high pa kami sa party.

Ceiling Decors, Standee, Pinata, Pabitin, Face Painter, Kiddie Rides & Tables, Food Carts: YANPLE (Apple Cabel- 09285211028)

Cost: P13,000

Rating: 10

Sobrang thankful ako because Apple was there to give life and color to the venue and the party. Ang daming staff ni Apple kaya well attended lahat even the additional decors and even the distribution of prizes, etc. We had very good feedbacks for the food carts especially the ice cream. Sobrang dami ng supply na they were able to provide from appetizer to desserts! Some guests came really on time and I thought baka bored na sila. But the food carts made them occupied. The kids enjoyed the rides and toys too! But na lang, naging busy din ang parents nila kakabantay and kakahabol sa kanila. The personalized standee was a conversation piece also. Ang daming natuwa, andaming na wow-mali especially the kids and the senior citizens. Akala nila si Gabbie talaga yung nakatayo sa entrance ng venue. Yanple is one of the best suppliers we had kasi super plain talaga yung venue (except for the built-in drapings sa ceiling) and Yanple made it super nice and colorful. They even brought extra balloons which they made into table centerpieces for the additional tables. Apple was so kind din to add some more ceiling cluster balloons and upgrade the alligator seesaw to mini slide at no extra cost.

Tarpaulin, table centerpiece, backpacks & party hats: Party & Shine (Beth Alviar- 09219169928)

Cost: 60pcs Backpacks @ P50 each, 5x5ft tarp @ P750, table centerpiece @ P120 each

Rating: 10

I got Party & Shine via multiply. Sila din ang gumawa ng tarp for hubby’s office during their Christmas party kaya I got the stuff for Gabbie’s party at discounted prices. Good thing Beth lives in Antipolo kaya we didn’t have a hard time meeting up to discuss the details and designs. I got the backpacks and the tarpaulin just a few days after ordering (that was more that a month before the event pa) and Beth was so nice to find some more Tinkerbell stuff for me as well, which completed the major and minor prizes. She upgraded the simple table centerpiece and gave the 4ft pillar balloon for free.

Cake: Goldilocks

Cost: P1,600

Rating: 8

We’re not so much into cake, that’s why I didn’t budget more than P3,000 for it. And when I talked to Pancake House, they said that we can only bring in cake from Goldilocks Bluewave because they would not allow any food bought outside the mall. There was no other choice, we got that fairy themed butter choco cake a few days before the party. The cake was good naman, it was moist and the icing didn’t melt even after the celebration at home the day after. The reason why I gave 8 lang is because of the not so nice lettering on the cake- parang minadali, parang sulat ng grade one. Hindi ako magaling sa art pero mas maganda pa yata kung ako na lang ang gumawa- promise!

Birthday Outfit: Periwinkle; Florsheim

Cost: P1,800; P1,100

Rating: 10

The first time I saw that red dress at Periwinkle, I knew it was the one I’ve been looking for. I was looking for a couturier near our place but I had no more time to look and ask around so I considered getting a ready made gown and I found Periwinkle in SM Mall of Asia. The gown was a little loose at the chest area so I had it repaired in Alter To Fit in SM Marikina. For the shoes, I was really contemplating on getting an expensive pair of shoes because I thought she’d use it only on her birthday. But good thing I found this in SM Dept Store. It wasjust a simple white pair of shoes but it looks elegant and just right for her. A small white shoulder bag from her lola completes the outfit.

Prizes, Goodies for the backpacks,Kids’ play area: c/o Mommy & Daddy

Cost: around P3,000

Rating: 10 (shempre!)

We got the prizes and goodies from Riverbank Tiangge, Robinsons, SM, Carolines and from Party & Shine. It was really hard to get Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies stuff, I almost changed the theme to Hello Kitty or Disney Princess pero I really wanted the fairy theme so we just added the Cars theme for the boys.

Photo Album: Printing by Digiprint, layout by Mommy

Cost: P3,400- 40pages 10x8

Rating: 8 for Digiprint

It took me a while to post the supplier ratings because I waited for the outcome of the photobook from Digiprint. I did the layout na nga kasi it will take them 20 days daw for the layouting and printing. Eh we needed the photobook before we went to Mindoro so I just used the layout I did for our multiply site and converted them to jpeg. Medyo blurred yung ibang pics but ok pa din naman so I brought it to Digiprint at Robinsons Metroeast and they accepted it and committed 7 days for delivery. Dumating yung album after 4 days pero baligtad yung cover. So I returned it and it was delivered after 3 days. Ok sana yung gawa nila pero hindi maayos yung pag-layout ng pictures sa pages. Madami ang wala sa center. Anyways, ganun eh. Lesson learned- hindi totoo yung 20 days processing. We were there 18 days before our trip to Mindoro. Had I known na super over exaggerated yung processing time na binigay nila sakin, sana I took the risk na lang. Sana I left the layouting to them na lang para me reason ako not to accept the output.

You see, it was just a simple birthday party but for me it was a great accomplishment. Seeing the excitement and happiness in my baby’s face and my husband and the guest kids as well, all the efforts paid off and it felt bliss. Gabbie loves watching the video and the photos and she dances and claps her hands every time she watches it na parang the party is still ongoing. Kakatuwa.

To all our suppliers, sobrang thankful kami. Sabi nga ni Dora, we couldn’t have done it without you… thanks for helping! J Again, the photos are here:

Super delayed na itong supplier ratings na to, but still thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

after the party

after the party, after the fun

still clutching her bag and her red dress still on

our little girl sits in one of the corners

in her own little world, she enjoyed the balloons.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

singing (ga)bbie

who knows? she could be the next Sarah Geronimo or Charice Pempengco... (gosh... mami-meet ko din kaya si Oprah?)

friend na nya si Nigel

tuwa siguro si ninong ron. gabbie is now friends with nigel. putting the dog at the base of the stairs doesnt work anymore. dinadaanan (and ini-embrace) nya na lang ngayon si nigel sa hagdanan paakyat.

after the LBM

she has gained the lost pounds back and she's back to being sooooooo kulit.

chocolate, anyone?

bath time

Gabbie loves bath times. There was even a time she cried when i told her she's going to bath na then we went inside the bathroom and left afterwards. akala nya hindi tutuloy yung pagligo nya. If some babies are scared of the water... Gabbie is the opposite. That's why im thinking of enroling her to a swimming lesson when she turns 2.

Richard Poon in SM Marikina

last Jan 24, we rushed to SM Marikina to watch Richard Poon's album was nice seeing Mr. Poon (as we fondly call him) again and I was so surprised coz he hasn't changed. He's still the very funny, jolly and friendly Richard Poon I've known for- i guess- 5 years (?) despite an album that has gone platinum already and despite being the 3rd most searched Pinoy in the internet.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

new theme

how's it? it's very... Ivy.

i miss my (our) coffee moments...