Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coffee Bonding

Rafa's first time. Taken at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Trinoma while waiting for Daddy's Sunlife agent to confirm the meeting. We all had Iced Mocha (as usual) and Cheese Muffin. Rafa had Earth's Best Apple Juice.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Pasalubong

It was Daddy's first business trip since Rafa was born. He went to France and then to-as usual- Germany. Almost everyday for two weeks we would talk to him over Skype, and Rafa at seven and half months can already recognize Daddy's face and voice in the computer. There were times that Daddy would just 'video call' and watch us as the kids play, eat, review or even sleep. Skype is fun!

On the night that Daddy was coming home, the girls stayed up late. They don't usually do it but I guess they wanted to surprise their Daddy. They made themselves busy by playing. Good thing it was Friday, and Gabbie didn't have swimming lessons (yet) the next day.

When Daddy got home and unloaded the pasalubongs, Rafa looked at them one by one as if inspecting which ones she can eat. But they're all chocolates so no Rafa, sorry. Haha. 

That is Rafa, at eight months, curious about her first pasalubongs from Daddy.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday she tried to slide her left foot without holding on to anything as if she was checking for herself if she could already walk.

Today I heard her say "Mama! Mama!"

I wonder how she will surprise Mommy tomorrow...

I just love seeing you grow everyday Rafa.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Panic MOMent

Habang nagda-drive sa kahabaan ng EDSA...

"Mommy, poopoo!"
"Mommy, poopoo and wiwi!"

Ang mommy, panic mode. Lakas ng ulan, traffic... san ako hahanap ng CR? Text kay Daddy (all the way to Germany), daan daw sa The Fort. Eh "Mommy, it's coming out already!" Panic mode na naman. Sabi ko "Sit lang, we're driving." "Mommy, I can not sit, it will come out if I sit."


Habang naghihintay ng reply from daddy sabi ko SING lang muna kami to take her mind out of the poopoo feeling.

Tapos nakita ko na ang sign: "Fort Bonifacio ->"

Nung kakanan na ako, "No Entry" daw. Shoot!

Hazard lights sabay tanong kay manong. Dun daw sa may malaking building.

Ok go... pagliko sa may building, ano na, san na 'to? I think we're lost.

"Mommy, it's coming out, my wiwi! Stop there lang (sa side daw) I can wiwi there na!"

Ngek, di pwede dyan anak.

Teka, wait lang. Drive drive pa din, bahala na. Kita ko Starbucks. Pwede! Kaso san ako pa-park??

Drive pa din until I saw the light that says Market Market.

Hay, sa wakas.

Panic button off.