Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kids' Night Out

Last week, Gabbie and her nawie friends Jia and Laya had a kids' night out in the water feature in BGC. At first we were hesitant to let her play and get really wet from the water fountains but knowing her (who sooo much loves water), we eventually gave in.

When we got home, the girls were super tired. We couldn't even change their clothes because we didn't want to disturb them sleeping

It was tiring but the kids had fun. It was priceless.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doing things together

She imitates her ate. She idolizes ate. They love doing things together.


One rainy afternoon, may isang batang hindi natulog nang early afternoon para makipaglaro sa kanyang ate. At 4pm finally nakatulog na sya pero dahil sa sobrang antok, kahit mahulog na sya sa mattress, hindi pa din nagigising.

She stirred a little when her Ate made some noise, she rolled but still... sleeping.

When finally she woke up, she was looking like "bakit nandito na ko? ano ginagawa ko dito sa sahig?"

Ayan, ayan ang nangyayari sa mga batang nilalabanan ang antok at hindi natutulog sa oras na dapat natutulog sila dahil gustong makipaglaro sa ate.

*sorry Rafa, napaglaruan ka na naman ni mommy, hehe*

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy 6th month!

Rafa had her first serving of "solids" exactly on her 6th month. We gave her mashed (or was it pureed?) organic carrots from Earthbest. She had it for three days so I could check if she's allergic to carrots. On the next three days she had mashed squash. She's currently eating banana and I hope everything goes well with it also.

When I get the chance I will buy some fresh organic veggies from the market so I can prepare her food by myself.

Happy 6th month Rafa love love love!