Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello Kitty Party!

It's gonna be a Hello Kitty Party! Wheeeee!

I'm almost done with the lootbags. Just need to fill them with a little more so they'd look stuffed and full.

I should be out shopping for goodies for the candy bar next week. And should be printing the labels and tags and TY cards.

And should be finalizing the guest list by now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun :)

I think I need to get used to this scenario already. When they play, they really make kalat and gulo. But even then, when they start to giggle and laugh at each other's antics, all I could do is just laugh and giggle with them- I can't help it, it's contagious.

Swim baby, swim!

I know I shouldn't be surprised. Rafa loves water so much, just like Ate Gabbie. Few weeks ago we went to Ace Water Spa. It was Rafa's first time in a swimming pool. We stayed in the water for about three hours, no signs of Rafa being scared or bored whatsoever.  We just needed a 10-minute break for her to nurse and then went swimming, sliding and playing in the water again.

And then last week, we went somewhere in Marikina for a swimming engagement party. As expected, Rafa swam like she wasn't a 10-mo. old baby (even I almost forgot! Haha!) She wasn't even scared to "ride" daddy's kickboard and she endured the cold water for like thirty minutes huh!

Looks like we have another Dyesebel in the family :)

Friday, September 07, 2012

10 months today!

She claps her hands as we sing the happy birthday song to her. She moves her body like it is her own version of Superbass dance. She stands up, sits, and decides to crawl towards and goes up the stairs.

She turns 10 months today!

Mommy, why do we have a head?

While I was putting the girls to sleep one afternoon, Gabbie looked at me and asked, "Mommy, why do we have a head?" I had to have her repeat her question because it never occurred to me that she would ask such question at her age.
I put down my phone for a moment (I read my Yahoo mail while I put them to sleep) and looked at her, eye to eye. She was waiting for an answer and I was obviously buying time. I had to think of an appropriate answer. An answer that a four-year old can understand. Then I remember their lesson in Science few weeks back- about the parts of the body, and the head.
"Because the head holds our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and what else?"
"Hair, chin, cheek, eyebrows..." Sure she remembers her lessons well.
"So if we don't have a head, we will not have our eyes, and..." I intentionally didn't finish my sentence. I wanted her to think and be the one to tell the functions of the eyes.
"We can not see!"
"And if we don't have a head, we will not have our ears and..."
"We can not listen!"
"And if we don't have a head, we will not have our nose and..."
'We can not breathe!"
"And if we don't have a head, we will not have our mouth and..."
"We can not speak!"
"That's right. And inside our head there's brain."
"What is a brain?"
"The brain tells us what to do, it is what we use to think. So that in school, we know..."
"How to answer the exam!"
"That's right! That's why we have a head."
How can I not be proud I have a smart daughter?

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Just like mommy

‎"Mommy, may I borrow your cellphone?"
"Later anak, you sleep first and I will read something here."
"In your cellphone?"
"Yes, I have something to read (email, that is)."
"Why, is that a book?"

This made me smile. I hope she will always associate reading with real books and not iPads, iPhones, laptops or any gadgets and will always love doing it the old fashioned way.

Just like mommy :)