Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Elusive Star

Once or twice during her summer class, Gabbie went out of the classroom with no star stamp on her hand. On one of those occasions, she went back to the teacher and asked why she didn't have a star. The teacher said "Oh sorry, because the 'stamping' session was over when you finished eating." And then she got stamped and went home happy.

Now in her nursery class, she got star stamps only during the first few days. One parent said it was for "pa-kunswelo" or "pang-uto lang sa mga bata".

On the following week, she didn't get one, and when I asked her why, she said the teacher did not give her. She went back to the classroom and asked for a stamp. But the teacher said "Ay Abby, tomorrow you behave ha so I will give you stamp."

I felt sad for my baby. But I didn't talk to her about, because I didn't think that she was not behaving in the class. She has other classmates who (even until now) cry when the parents leave the room, who (believe it or not) bully other kids and who just walk around and don't listen to teachers at all even during lecture. She wasn't like them, but she's the one who cannot sit still on her seat for longer than a few minutes without doing anything (writing, reading or playing with blocks).

Still no stamps on the following days. And when I asked her at home, she said "I don't like stamps mommy." But she looked sad. So the next day I talked to the teacher. I asked her if Gabbie was not behaving properly that's why she wouldn't get any star so we can talk to her and help. She said no. It's just that Gabbie was just too slow in doing her seatwork (read: coloring) so she was always late for the 'stamping'.

We didn't require her to bring home a star everyday, in fact I was already getting used to not seeing her hand stamped at all, because she was doing really well in her seatwork anyways.

But last week she had a star. I told her I was happy she got one. She was happy with it too.

Everyday (even if I already sound like a 'sirang plaka') I remind her to just stay on her seat and stand up only when the teacher ask them to.

Yesterday, she got out of the classroom and showed me her hand. "Mommy, I got a star- with a crown!" It was a king star, given to students who did their work and behave excellently inside the class.

The teacher said she no longer roam around the room when they're not doing anything.

I'm so proud. And I thank God for the guidance and patience. :)

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