Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Almost two..

Couldn't thank enough Tito Dex and Tita Ai for the super nice invites and tarp layout. It will be a super (albeit simple and budgeted) birthday party indeed! :)

Do All Spiders Make Webs?

Now that she can read and she can read anything she sees in her books, the questiong goes on and on and on. The other night she was reading Discovery Works (a book about kids experimenting) and the next morning, when she learned that classes were cancelled, she opened another book which is a collection of short bedtime stories for kids. One story was about spiders. While my eyes were still closed and I was not in the mood yet to wake up, she asked, "Mommy, do all spiders make webs?" Thinking webs are the natural habitat of spiders, I said, without batting an eyelash, "Yes!"

She was quiet for a moment then said, "Eh why in my Discovery book, one of the spiders did not make a web?"

I knew I was in for a few more questionings but my sleepy self was still not in the mood for that so i just said, "Maybe it was sleepy or hungry." And then she went on reading the story.

Well I myself was not satisfied with my answer, but my poor little girl just accepted what I just said, probably because Im her mommy. I got up and opened Google in my iPad. A few clicks here and there and then I got the answer:

So I called her and told her I was wrong and that I was sorry.

Then she told me, "See? I told you! Nex time you ask your teacher about it again."

Haha. Im glad there's Google.

A Trip to Manila Zoo

Etc.. :)

One afternoon in a mall,

Gabbie: Mommy, lets buy Chicharap but Im not gonna it eat here. I will bring it home so I can share it with Rafa.

Me: You really love your baby sister.

G: Yes! That's why Im practicing how not to fight with her everyday. Maybe tomorrow I will learn to not fight with her anymore.


Papalabas ng Jollibee...

Crew: Thank you po, balik po kayo.
Gabbie: Ay hindi na po kami babalik, uuwi na kami!
Ako: *hiya*


Our names according to Rafa: Gabbie-elle, Rafa-elle, Mommy-elle and Daddy-elle.

When daddy was away...

Daddy was gone for a two-week business trip to Germany. While he was there, Skype kept the girls busy during daddy's breaks and free time. Most of the times they would fight over who's talking to daddy first or who's holding the iPad and be in the center of the camera. Rafa has alrady memorized the sound of Skype in the iPad that once she hears it, she'd announce "Daddy, skype!"

On the day of daddy's flight back home, while we were waiting for our food in a resto, Gabbie wrote this, and gave it to daddy as soon as he arrives home.

This pasalubong (play mat) is the one that the kids enjoy the most, aside from chocolates of course. :)

Turning two


Rafa gets a haircut for the first time, while Ate Gabbie tries having bangs for a change. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Kalesa Ride

Being an adventurous and sporty kid, one item in Gabbie's bucket list is to ride a kalesa. So one weekend, we went to Luneta, flagged down a horse carriage, negotiated with the rider and finally hopped in with Gabbie in the front seat (her ultimate wish so she can "manipulate" the horse even if the manong driver did not really allow her.

Rafa, although a little excited as well, was quite behaved the entire trip. Gabbie on the other hand was a chatterbox. The moment the kalesa moved, she started talking and asking a lot of things from manong driver. She was also telling him stories about horses that she read from books. The manong driver said at the end of the trip, "Si Ate andaming kwento! Non-stop!"

The trip was supposed to be 30 minutes but was cut to 15, but the kids had fun and were really happy with their kalesa experience.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

And four becomes FIVE!

Soon we're gonna be five! Baby M is expected to say "hello" to the world in April 2014. Ate Gabbie is already excited to see you, see even announced in her class that they will be three already. Ate Rafa, on the other hand, seems to still enjoy her being the bunso and mommy and daddy are glad to give her the time and attention that she longs and deserves until you come, baby.

We love you baby! We can't wait to see and hold you in our arms. But until then, be safe and healthy inside mommy's tummy muna. God bless you baby. :)