Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Weekend in Daddy's Hometown

A few weeks ago we went home to Daddy Mike's hometown-Calapan, Mindoro- to visit the oldies and to spend some time with balikbayan relatives from the US. It was just an overnight stay but the kids had so much fun bonding and catching up on each others' whereabouts. These are Gabbie and Rafa's Tita Kate and Tito Sid. Yea, tito and tita because they are daddy's cousins. Tita Kate is a few months older than Gabbie and Sid will be her Ninong probably on her confirmation.

The kids had soooo much fun playing together that even in their sleep, they were inseparable (until Gabbie started dreaming and Kate started kicking) and during the travel back to Manila, they were all seated at the backseat (which rarely happens to my kids).

Last Saturday, after their 3-week vacation, the balikbayan family flew back home and as expected, saying goodbye was not very easy.

Oh well, at least they'll have time to miss each other and when they come back in 2 or 3 years, they will again have a lot of catching up to do.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rafa And Her Bike

She's only one year and 7 months old and she can already pedal her bike on her own. She also enjoys swimming and running. Hmmm I think I can see a future triathlete in the making.

Gabbie Joins SM Little Star

Whenever we pass by a talent search, singing, dancing or even modeling contests in the malls, Gabbie would express her desire to join. I always tell her there will be perfect time for it and that we should prepare and practice for it.

Since then every time I set up our videoke and magic sing, she would sit beside me, browse through the song list and choose the songs that she'd want to sing. Her usual line up when she was small includes Twinkle Little Star, Alphabet Song and some nursery rhymes she learned in their nursery class. Now her list  includes Firework, A Whole New World and A Thousand Years.

Last week, we saw a poster in their school about SM Malls' search for SM Little Star. This is a yearly talent search by SM where kids aged 4 to 6 years old who can sing, act, dance or do any other talents can join.As expected, she expressed her desire to join. I was hesitant at first, because we only had a few days to practice and prepare the documents required, although I know that she knows the song A Thousand Years (Breaking Dawn) by heart and we have a ready copy of her birth certificate at home.

So two days before the event we went to SM to have her photo taken and submit them together with the birth certificate and application form to the Admin. I got her music accompaniment from a music store then we went home and did some practice. Good thing it was already Friday.

Come Sunday, audition day, we were at the venue at the time we were advised to come, 1PM. The show would start at 2PM. We submitted our music DVD, but it wasn't working in their sound system! Mike went back to the music store to find compatible cds but there was none. I talked to the sound system technician and he said that it would work if we have a laptop where we can play the DVD and the laptop will then be connected to their speakers. When I went back to Gabbie who was surprisingly patiently waiting in her seat for her turn (she was contestant number 25), she whispered, "Mommy, I'm already excited to sing." My heart wanted to melt. We couldn't fail her so we must find a way to make her music cd work. So we called home and asked my sister to bring my laptop to SM Masinag (it was only a few minute travel, thank God).

When the laptop arrived, daddy Mike "fixed" everything with the sound system technician. Thank Heavens it worked! So we sat back waiting for our turn. When the 4th batch of girl performers was called, he went back to the backstage to prepare the cd and lo and behold, the laptop hanged! I saw Gabbie excitedly waiting for her turn to come up the stage and perform then I said a little prayer. Thy will be done, Lord. Then when contestant number 24 was up the stage showing her talent, daddy Mike did a thumbs up sign and I heard myself sigh in relief. I smiled and went in front of the stage and readied my camera.

She did not make it to the next round but this was all we wanted her to experience. She made her dream of performing on a real stage and in front of many people come true. And we're proud of her for doing a good job.


Friday, July 12, 2013


Photos by Nikk and Aia Photography during the N@W Marathon Shoot last June 30 at the Corinthian Gardens.

Our Little Lady

She's only turning six in a few months, but she looks like a little lady already. Time flies, indeed.

But not so fast, please. :)