Monday, August 30, 2010

Toothbrushing Gabbie

Like most toddlers, Gabbie used to hate brushing her teeth, or when I do brush her teeth, I should say. We started with the real brush when she was one and half years old. I had to memorize the Colgate jingle just to make toothbrushing at night sound fun fun fun.

When she turned two, I had to "force" her to open her mouth (useless na ang Colgate jingle). Then she saw Shrek on DVD. There's a scene where Fiona and a bird were singing Aaahhhh... Aaahhh... Aahh... and the bird exploded at the highest note. She found it too funny. So when we brush her teeth, we would just ask her to sing like the princess and the bird. Successful kami dun, until now.

Then there's Charice's post (sis, I'm your blog stalker!) about telling her cutie daughter Jia that she's brushing animals out of her teeth so Jia will open her mouth because Jia finds it yucky to have goats, tigers, dogs, and monkeys inside her mouth.

Just for fun, I tried it on Gabbie. Just like with the Aaahhh... Aaahhh... Aahh.. she didn't resist when I asked her to open her mouth. I tried it anyway, but she just said "Nye!" to dogs and monkeys. So I told her we should brush her teeth because there's worm and spider inside her mouth. She said "Ewww!" and opened her mouth. But when we paused (to spit), she told me "No, mommy, no worms (in) my mouth! Chicken lang, and fish, and shrimp and bread and rice!"

"Ah, ok!"

So we brushed the chicken, the fish and shrimp and bread and rice away.

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