Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abby's Red Car

Gabbie has a new car. We had to give up the old one (Frodo, the blue Civic who got flooded by Ondoy, check the photos and the sad story here) because of intermittent malfunctions and we thought that it's not safe to drive it in highways anymore.

This is Zach, the Red City. Gabbie wanted only a red car. No white, no silver, no black. "RED ONLY mommy!" So red it is. And she named it "Abby Car" (she calls herself Abby, not Gabbie).

Before, when Gabbie wakes up in the morning and learns her daddy already left, she would ask "Mommy, atan Daddy?" But when the car came, her first question of the day became "Mommy, atan my car?"

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