Friday, August 13, 2010

Fluffy Pink Skirt

This fluffy pink skirt caused a commotion one afternoon in SM Marikina Dept. Store. I was busy looking for a pair of pants and a pair of shorts for Gabbie oblivious that she was also shopping on her own. Then she came to me carrying this P600 fluffy skirt.

Gabbie: Mommy, remove (from the hanger), try Abby.
Me: No, anak we don't need that.
Gabbie: Mommy, buy ko 'to.
Me: Anak, it's too expensive. Where will you wear it?
Gabbie: Dance Abby!

Then she raised her hands, tiptoed and turned around like a ballerina.

But still, it's expensive (well, for a skirt that I don't know if she can wear other than inside the house or the village). So I told her to put it back. But she wouldn't. I tried convincing her that it's not nice, it's baho, it's not for sale, etc. But to no avail. One saleslady tried to get the skirt from her but Gabbie wouldn't let go. She cried loud. And when the saleslady stopped, she ran and hid under the racks and cried even louder.

I went to her and asked if she really likes it. She said in between sobs, "Yes, mommy, like it."

So I gave up.

When we got home, she looked for her pink bear. She put on her skirt and stood beside the toy bear and proudly announced that she and the pink bear wear the same "dress".

And they danced like ballerina happily ever after.


em said...

oh joy to see your tots happy is immeasurable! she got taste huh, looks pretty on her. gabbie can wear it anywhere - carry lang!

ivymarasigan said...

thanks sis! i was wrong nga pala. kasi sinusuot nya talaga yun anytime she likes over anything- shorts, tights or kahit knee socks lang. when we were in SM I tried giving her another skirt na hindi mashadong mahal pero may lace and decor din naman pero hindi ganun ka-balloon. ayaw nya. haha. eto talaga ang type nya :)