Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Partying Gabbie

These photos were taken last June, during Alexis Gabrielle's 1st birthday party. As usual, Gabbie (yes, they're namesakes) came in in her best party mood and outfit.

And I, being the stage mom (Haha!), always made sure that she was comfortable despite her "winter" attire (she chose those shirts from her closet, buti na lang malamig sa venue)

She joined the games hesitantly, because there was a clown sitting nearby.

I joined a game with her, too.

And won a prize, of course.

And then they were asked to settle down for the "eating time". She patiently waited for her food.

And joined the other kids in the kids' dining area, and tried to feed on her own.

Then went back to the party area to watch and have photo with the mascot.

But wished she was big enough to reach and grab candies and goodies from the pabitin and pinata.


Rocks said...

You have a very charming daughter sis!!

ivymarasigan said...

Thanks sis :)