Monday, August 23, 2010

Gabbie's first painting

Now that Gabbie already acknowledges that not everything colorful are called candy, I thought it's time I let her try her hands on arts and crafts. She already has a lot of coloring books and few sets of non-toxic crayons, but here, she tried to do painting for the very first time.

I hope I can teach her to paint something happy and colorful next time. I should have hidden the brown and the blue paint, my fault. But it was a good try.

When I asked her what that thing was, she said its a "chocolate paper".


Rianne said...

I like this - "Chocolate paper". Gabbie is so cute and smart!=)

I cannot wait to try this with Antonio!

ivymarasigan said...

thanks sis! basta make sure na alam na nyang hindi food yun. kahit non-toxic we really have to be sure and safe :)

Ems said...

cute eldest's nickname was first spelled like your gabbie...i changed it when she turned 2 ata to gaby...kaartehan ng ina hahaha...goodluck on your scrapbooking! it's really a stress-buster! ;o) tnx for visiting my blog!

clarice said...

sis, tuwing tinatamad ako mag-isip ng art activity, i do free painting, in short, papel, paintbrush, at paints! hahaha! madali kasi wala nang isip-isip! :)

ivymarasigan said...

Hi Ems! Thanks! nagpaprint na ko ng photos yesterday and started with the scrapbook of Gabbie's 2nd bday yesterday. now i have 40 pages to decorate. haha! expensive din :)