Saturday, January 12, 2013

The dreaded virus

A few days before Christmas, we rushed Rafa to the pedia for fever, cough and colds. She was given medicines but was not advised to be confined because she was not dehydrated naman. We brought her to hilot and "patawas" also, just in case. After a few days, her fever was gone. But her body temperature went as down as 35-ish. I was worried. The next day I texted the pedia because I saw some rashes in her face, back and tummy area. Pedia said no need to bring her again because it's just tigdas hangin or roseola virus. After 3 days, the rashes were gone just like that.

Then just las week, two days before Gabbie's school resumes, it was her who got sick naman, with fever peaking at 39.9 at one point. Went again to pedia and she was given medicines for cough. I talked to her teacher and excused her from school.

During those days that she was sick, Gabbie would just watch tv, play for a few minutes with her toys, read a little then play games in the cellphone.

After 5 days (Wednesday), she still had fever so we brought her back to pedia. At that time Rafa was also showing signs of flu and became so clingy. We started giving her paracetamol and she was given medicine for her cough.

Today, Gabbie no longer has fever but still has cough and colds. The virus was passed on to Rafa whose temperature goes normal in the afternoon but hovers at 38 to 39 at night time.

So for how many days (or weeks!) now, I could only sleep for about 4 hours at night and would try really hard to get at least 30-minute naps in the afternoon when the kids are also sleeping.

This virus had kept us busy and worrying for almost a month now. I hope when it finishes its course (on Rafa), he will leave us for good and never ever come back.

And because of this, I'll make sure our immune system will never allow any viruses to mess with our sleep, appetite, activities and school anymore.

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