Thursday, January 17, 2013

Birthday celebration in school

It was her first day to go to school for 2013. She was absent for a week due to viral infection. She was wearing a jacket to shield herself from room aircon and rainy weather.

Her classmates sang a "happy birthday" song, she thanked them and she blew the candle on the cake. It was just a simple and small cake with the words "happy 5th birthday abby" written on it. We didnt serve it to her classmates because I want to avoid uniform stains.

The kids had Jollibee burgers, spaghetti and french fries. I got them each a piece of brownie from Goldilocks and tetra juice from Lola Vera.

She went home with a few gifts that she opened as soon as she got in the car. I didnt even know who have what. She was so excited, and obviously happy. :)

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