Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gabbie Moments

One afternoon after Gabbie's school, we stopped at Sally's goto to have meryenda. But there was no more goto (how ironic) so we ended up having mami (for her) and pancit palabok (for me).

While she was having a great time with her chosen food, I was struggling to finish mine. When there was about two spoonfuls left on my plate, I put the fork down and pushed the plate a little away from me.

G: Mommy, you still have more.
Me: I don't like na, Anak.
G: Mommy, if you buy (bought) it, you finish it, Ok?
Me (laughing real hard): Ok!

So I finished my palabok... against my tastebuds' will.


When I was about to pay for our pamasahe in the jeep, Gabbie grabbed my arm and said, "I'll be the one, Mommy, I'll be the one!"

I asked her if she knew what to tell the manong driver and she said yes.

G: Manong, bayad po, one lang po ha, sa.... Market!

I blushed.

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