Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gabbie's 5th Birthday

For the first time, Gabbie's birthday fell on a weekend. We were supposed to celebrate in school a couple of days before but she was still sick and she was not allowed to go to to school so she wouldnt spread the virus.

Anyways, since its already her fifth, we thought of not throwing a big party for her anymore. We went to Antipolo Church in the morning to hear a mass then dropped by our Ninang Bi's grave to remember her on her 3rd death anniversary. Since the kids were still sick and it was drizzling and really windy, we decided against staying longer and even lighting up some candles.

We then went to Stacy's to have lunch. The kids played a little and Gabbie finished her whole serving of mac and cheese (thank heavens!) while me and Daddy had cream dory and texas barbeque ribs.

After hanging out a little at Stacy's, we went to Eastwood mall to do a little shopping for the birthday girl. She also requested for a horseride (carousel) and since its her birthday, she got her wish :)

I bought her a sunday dress from Bayo. And then she "played" inside the toystore. Then she met Venus Raj. She was so proud to have met in person a real beauty queen.

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