Sunday, January 20, 2013

After The Flu

She caught the virus from somewhere a few days before Christmas. She was on medication for a week, due to cough, colds and fever. When the fever was gone, there came rashes. I texted the pedia, she said no need to go back because it was just roseola virus, or tigdas hangin. After three or so days, the rashes were gone.

Then it was Ate Gabbie's turn. She got the virus. And she was given antibiotics. The day before she stopped taking paracetamol, the ball was back to Rafa. For a week she had fever, cough and colds. An eruption of molar tooth contributed to the little girl's agony. The once matakaw baby suddenly lost her appetite. She would only feed on mommy, and giving her medicines was such a struggle. We brought her back to the pedia and she was also given antibiotics. But thank God, after a couple of doses, she started getting up and playing. Then she was back to eating rice and pasta, minus the sauce.

To date, she's still taking antibiotics and something for her cough, but the fever is already gone. She' back to dancing and making kulit already. And picking her own food from the cabinet, and giggling, laughing and even singing.

Thank God.

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