Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treatin' Kiddos

It's Rafa's 1st halloween! She had been to two Trick or Treats last week (Gabbie had been to four!). The first one was in our village where we dressed her up as Rapunzel sans the long blonde hair (didn't want to risk her skin with wigs) and the iguana (?) We have a toy frog that looks like almost the same as Pascal but we were so in a hurry to make it to the assembly we forgot to put it on her.

Ate Gabbie was in her angel costume again, minus the wand (she had it during the school ToT).

The following day (Oct 28), we were in Robinsons Metroeast and Rafa was in her Bumble Bee costume with the antenna and all, and Ate Gabbie played with her red wig and declared that she was a red-haired fairy.

And then earlier in SM Marikina, we went to see the Halloween Costume Contest and also join ToT. Gabbie was in her tutu ala ballerina. No more dressing up for Rafa because we were already late. Haha..

For next year, Gabbie mentioned she wanted to be Tinkerbell. We'll see if she doesn't change her mind after watching Barbie or Toy Story or Powerpuff cartoons again. :)

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