Tuesday, October 09, 2012

11th month!

Rafa's 11th month fell on an Sunday so it was given that we would be out the entire day. I had my therapy in Med City at 8AM then we went to hear the mass/novena in Baclaran. After a semi-quick lunch in Max's where Rafa and Gabbie had lomi and chicken, we went straight to Nuat Thai for daddy's massage appointment. While daddy was having his 'me time', the girls and I stayed in the nearest Starbucks (in Katipunan) to satisfy Ate Gabbie's coffee craving. But we ended up getting a Strawberry Frappe instead. Rafa slept a few minutes after we settled (breastfeeding in Starbucks- check!) and after an hour or so, daddy  followed us but we went back to Nuat Thai so I can also have a massage (inggit lang!).

We went to a grocery and ended the day with a pizza as our dinner at home. We're saving the pancit and cakes and ice cream for her big day a month from now.

Happy 11th month Rafa!

Time indeed flies when you're having fun.

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