Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gabbie's Dream Come True

When I was single, my yearly Christmas wish would be for us Filipinos to have a crime-free Philippines and for all of us humans to have a pollution-free world to live in.

When I got kids already, of course I still wish for that but the number one on my list became 'to live long enough to witness my kids fulfilling and achieving their dreams'.

Years ago, if you asked Gabbie what she'd want to be when she's big I bet you got the 'I want to be a doctor of the monkeys' answer. When she started schooling and learned about the different community helpers, she revised her answer. She wanted to be a firefighter na daw. Since then, everytime we ask her, she'd answer the same- I want to be a firefighter.

A few days earlier I asked her what she would want to do during the sem break. She said she wanted to ride a firetruck and drive an ambulance. I told her, 'ok, we'll see'.

Today when we passed by the Marikina Fire Station, she mentioned about her dreams again. So I brought her to the firefighter's office and helped her realize her dream of riding a firetruck. She told the firefighters what she wanted. Her favorite community helpers happily granted her wish.

They even let her wear a firefighter's hat and they even turned the lights of the truck on. My daughter was soooo proud of herself. I could tell.

On the way home she told me she was really happy.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next thing that she'd want to do would be to ride a firetruck with the firefighters on the way to save people from a burning house.

I know it's not impossible and it would be a great experience. But how? That we have yet to figure out. 

Congrats Gabbie! :)

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