Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tip Tap Soft Soles Party

I had to re-sched my knee therapy last Saturday to attend the Tip Tap Party hosted by Tip Tap and Tickled Moms. Events such as this should not be missed. I knew that the kids would have a great time and I knew there'd be lots of goodies and activities that Gabbie and Rafa would enjoy.

Turned out it was really worth it (canceling my therapy, that is). Rafa was on the play floor most of the time playing while Gabbie joined the games and won most of them. She took home A LOT of toys and prizes for joining Trip to Jerusalem, Bring Me and Shirt Designing activity. Oh they also had cupcake decorating activity where Gabbie did 3 or 4 cupcakes I guess, and topped them with candies in various designs to her hearts content.

Aside from the yummy food and treats (love love love the spaghetti and cheese sticks and the cupcakes!), there were a lot of freebies, too! We went home with a bag filled with chocolates, cookies, Nutri-Del rice cereal (which Rafa sooo loved she really asked for a second helping), baby colognes, powder, etc.

But the best part of it was the free Tip Tap shoes that owner Ian Yao gave away for all the babies present in the party. I got a pair of pink size 12-18 month mary janes for Rafa, perfect for her pink dress and pinky pinky Hello Kitty party next month :)

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