Thursday, April 22, 2010

Knock, knock!


Been enjoying watching Lokomoko U lately. It's a local gag show in TV5 (where Gabbie also watches her favorite Hi5 and Oggy and the Cockroaches every afternoon). There's this knock-knock-who's-there part of the show that makes me literally laugh out loud even if I'm the only one in the room watching.

The jokes may sound corny and mababaw. But for a padre-de-pamilya who's tired from working the whole day, these simple jokes during or after dinner just make all the pagod go away. Yup, I do this to Mike every now and then and they also make him LOL (jejemon?!?!) :p

Sample, sample!

Knock, knock!... Who's there?... Para mamang taxi.... Para mamang taxi who?
I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me
Para, mamang taxi!

Knock, knock!... Who's there?... Lady Gaga.... Lady Gaga who?
Kung Lady Gaga ka, sa piling ng iba...

Knock, knock!... Who's there?... Hitong Luto.... Hitong Luto who?
Ang hitong luto, umiibig sayo... kahit na nagdurugo ang puso...

Knock, knock!... Who's there?... Duling si Aga.... Duling si Aga who?
Mag exercise tayo, duling si Aga.. duling si Aga..

Knock, knock!... Who's there?... John Lennon.... John Lennon who?
John john john john john... john john john john...
(nasan ang Lennon dun?)
Lennon me, when you're not strong... I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on...



carlamaldita said...

haven't watched this show yet. first time ko nga malaman ito from you. thanks for adding one of my blogs. pa-add din nung isa pa. i added you na sa blogroll ko.

ivymarasigan said...

thanks din carla! shared your gibo-jejemon pic in my facebook. sobrang funny. hahaha! :)

bernardandclarice said...

hahahaha! was having a ba dnight but reading your entry, sobra akong natawa. thanks for making me laugh, sis! :)

ivymarasigan said...

hello clarice! nice to know that. haha. naaaliw din kasi ako sa show na yun. in fact, it has become part of my wednesday evening na. haha!

em said...

sooo funny! i love the Para Mamang Taxi =)