Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fit and Fun


Fitflop recently had a contest on "expressing the love for the brand" by sending in photos and in 150 words or less, explain why they should choose you to be one of the 5 winners of a Walkstar Snakeskin.

This was my entry. This photo was taken during one of our "walks" in Marikina Sports Center. If I win, it would be a very nice birthday gift but if not, then better luck next time for me. Haha!

"Being a stay-at-home-mom, I don't get to go out and walk often but I have symptoms of osteoarthritis so I was really determined to find a way to getting fit while taking care of and having fun with my toddler. When I found out that FitFlops can help relieve leg pains and even osteoarthritis, I immediately got a pair, put them on and went to a walk one weekend with my daughter and my husband. We're planning to do this regularly because I can feel the effect already as early as now. If I got chosen to win in this contest, Fitflops will help me save a lot from my knee treatments and I will even be spared from steroid injections. // Ivy David-Marasigan, 32 years old, full-time mom"


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