Friday, April 30, 2010

Business-minded too? :)


Gabbie was playing with our faux fruit decors, arranged them on the table and sat beside it like a tindera. Then when I got up to get the green apple, she said, "Mommy, payb petot." I said, "What?" and she said in a much louder voice, "Bayad kaw mommy, payb petot!"

Hahaha! She was playing tindera nga pala and she was selling the fruits for five pesos. Negosyante talaga- hahaha!



A Match Made in Heaven said...

cute... : )

Clarice said...

hahaha! cuteness!

carlamaldita said...

talino naman!
even mommy has to pay. yayaman ang anak mo sis!

ivymarasigan said...

:) oo nga. walang kama-kamag-anak hahaha!