Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Off! :)


We had a really busy, tiring but super fun day last Saturday, although Gabbie's daddy wasn't with us in our spur-of-the-moment lakwatsa, because they have company teambuilding activities in Subic.

I originally planned for a trip to Manila Ocean Park- I checked the details in the net and made a plan on how to get there without taking a taxi (that would cost us too much, plus the traffic... no way!)

So we took the LRT from Katipunan to Araneta Center. It was a little hot walking from Gateway thru Farmers Plaza, but Dairy Queen was there to help us cool down. Then we took the MRT going to Taft (that's the only way I'm  comfortable taking because I kinda know Baclaran/Taft by heart already.

Halfway thru the trip, Gabbie dozed off. So I decided to just go straight to SM MOA so we can comfortably sit and she can continue her siesta. She woke up around 3PM, and I thought it was already late if we push thru with our MOP plan.

We just stayed in MOA and explored the mall while waiting for Mike. Gabbie said she wanted to watch a movie, but she wasn't allowed in Toy Story 3D because she's under 3 yrs old. So as usual, picture picture na lang.

And what is malling with a toddler without a carousel ride?

and kiddie carts?

We also saw the fireworks but Gabbie was super takot. I wasn't able to take photos because she was hiding under my shirt and crying all the time. But there was the yearly Aliwan Fiesta going on also and I was able to convince her to pose with a performer in costume.

We had a late lunch in Kenny Rogers (the only resto with seats inside and no super long lines at the counter) and shared a glass of iced tea.

She also insisted to ride the giant balloon, but she wasn't allowed alone so I had to accompany her. But unlike the carousel, in giant balloon, I had to pay for both of us.

Then we went inside a kid's playhouse. I was prepared for this, brought our socks because I know 3yrs below are not allowed to play without companion.

I paid for a 30-minute playtime. But extended for another 30 minutes so I can rest a little longer. But a kid of about 2-3yrs old bit Gabbie in the wrist! She was riding a car and holding a toy phone, mimicking her daddy driving and using his cellphone at the same time.

But then, this super kulit kid pushed her out of the toy car and was trying to get the phone. When Gabbie wouldn't let go, he bit her in the wrist. Bad trip. In front of an attendant. The mother of the little boy was busy texting. I let it pass because Gabbie said "no sakit" naman.

After the biting, I followed Gabbie anywhere she went. But the little bully boy kept on getting in her way. He'd get her toys, he'd throw them and this one got me really pissed talaga- he hit Gabbie in the face with a toy plastic bowling pin. I called the mother and told her to watch her son all the time and to explain to him that what he had been doing wasn't good. I even asked the attendants if they have a rule regarding kids being harmful to others inside the playhouse. 'Coz if I were the owner of the place, I'd ask the mother of the kid to just take her kid out to avoid any more hitting and harm to other kids. When I looked at Gabbie's wrist, it was swollen, so I asked an attendant for an icepack. Afterwards, we left the playhouse.

I observed the bite and asked Gabbie from time to time if it's "sakit". But knowing her, kahit masakit, basta may pagkakaabalahan, sige lang. So I treated her to another cup of Dairy Queen and we watched some kids ice skating while waiting for daddy.

This is Gabbie's wrist, the morning after. Reminds me of Bella when she was bitten by a freak vampire in Twilight. Hay.


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