Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gabbie's Love For Music


Gabbie must have inherited my passion for music. But as she grows, she expresses it in more ways than I do. Sure I can carry a tune, and I have learned to play Passenger Seat in my guitar years ago. But that's all I can do. For Gabbie, learning to play musical instruments was just like learning how to eat using her own spoon and fork. She does it naturally, and she does it with grace.

Whenever she sees a guitar (mostly in malls), she will find a way to touch it and strum. She saw a contestant in Pilipinas Got Talent playing violin, the next day she demonstrated it to us using her toy guitar- with eyes closed.

I have also seen her interest in drums. In fact, she taps our center table whenever she hears a music and wants to play along.

In Shangrila Hotel where we attended a wedding, there was a grand piano. The moment she saw it, she knew what to do. I believe it was her first time to see one. But her fingers touched the keys with so much confidence. I was surprised, and I didn't let that moment pass without taking a photo.

She also learns a song very easily. Although the words are not clear yet, her pitch, her tone and timing are unbelievable. And for songs she can not sing, she will just "request" and make me sing it. So our favorite game during travels is "Name That Tune." Few of her favorites are "The Chocolate Song" from Dora, the Barney song, the Spongebob song, and some Elmo and Hi5 songs.

She has also learned some one-lines from songs like Paparazzi & I Will Always Love You and from TV commercials like Sana Bukas (Close Up) and Lucky Me. Currently, we are teaching her the Bahay Kubo and the alphabet.

Here is a video of Gabbie "pretending" to play Percussion Freak in Timezone. I was amazed by how she did it gracefully, even if it was her first time: My Little Percussion Freak


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